George Washington High School Class of 1963
55th Reunion (April 28, 2018)

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UPDATE ( Jan. 17, 2017) The date for our next reunion is set. Teresa Moore, the general manager at the United Irish Cultural Center, has put us on the schedule for Saturday, April 28, 2018. Please mark the date for our 55th Reunion on your calendar. The United Irish Cultural Center is located at 2700 45th Ave. (at Sloat Blvd) in San Francisco, CA. More information about the event will be coming soon, including registration forms that Sheldon Wong will provide for us. Hope to see all of you at our next reunion!

Previous Reunion News (70th Birthday Bash):
Hey Gang --
That was a great party last Saturday night, and as all of our reunions goes, we want another one. But, we always say that as the reunions are always a lot of fun and we never want them to end. However, when it comes time to have another one, things are always sketchy. As we had a small number of attendees just 6 weeks ago, we were on the verge of canceling the party, but then we combined with the '64 classes along with a whole slew of late signups and quite a few last minute walk ins to have the great crowd that we did.

So here's what we're thinking and it's all up to you. Dan has proposed another reunion in 2020 when we all turn 75. All we have to do is make it to 2020. Plan B would be to go ahead and hold something in 2018 when technically it would be our 55th reunion. The idea is to see each other more frequently these days because waiting 5 years may be too late for a lot of us. I hate to keep bringing up the fact that time is not on our side these days, but we play the cards we're dealt with. So, that is something for you all to think about and let us know how you feel about future reunions.

In the meantime, to keep in touch, the central meeting place on the internet for our class is our class page on Facebook. Please join us on Facebook at the GWHS Spring Class of '63.

I've also attached the class directory for you so that you can look up your classmates to see where they are these days. While waiting for another reunion, how about forming your own little breakfast groups locally like the one we have here in Portland/Vancouver area? Personally, it has been extremely gratifying getting to know my classmates who I did not know while we were in school, and I do believe that you will have the same experience with them. Also, with the class directory, should Dan and I not be around for the next one, we hope that some of you will pick up the mantle and carry one. You are a great bunch of people and you all deserve this.

A great time was had by all last Saturday, and I tried to circulate as much as possible as being the official host, and I am sorry if I didn't get a chance to say good-by to everybody when you all left. Guess I'll have to wait until the next one to do it right. Huge thank you to Georgina (and husband), Raggy, Paul W., and Wings for helping Dan out. Sorry if I missed anyone else who helped out.

So, in closing, let me know what your thoughts are regarding future reunions as we are all looking forward to seeing you all again. From this point on, I wish you all the best that life has to offer.


(Oct. 21, 2015): OK, gang. Here's what we've got going so far. The tentative date for our next get together is Apr. 28, 2018. We've tentatively tagged the Irish Cultural Center as to where to hold it, and it will be a luncheon from either 12:00-4:00 PM, or 2:00-6:00 PM. As it is two and a half years away, we know that a lot of things will change during that time, but at least you can mark it down on your calendars now. Comments?

COLLECTIVE 70th BIRTHDAY BASH -- Pictures are here!

GWHS 70th Birthday Bash

Saturday, Oct. 3rd at 5:00 - 9:00pm.
United Irish Cultural Center
2700 45th Ave. @ Sloat Blvd., SF

Scrapbook with pictures from the GW63 50th Reunion is provided courtesy of Ruth (Ragan, "Raggy") Hunter

50th Reunion photos, courtesy of Ilene Simon (Facebook Album)

45th Reunion (2008) at Tong Palace Restaurant

41st Reunion (2004) at Double Play Bar & Grill, GWHS Stadium, Tong Palace

30th Reunion (1993), Project (album) created by Jacqui Cyrus

25th Reunion Album, courtesy of Ruth ("Raggy") Hunter

NEW [Courtesy of Ruth (Ragan, "Raggy") Hunter]

20th Reunion(1983) Profiles

25th Reunion(1988) Profiles

George Washington High School (SF) Class of Spring 1963
Reunions - 20th, 25th, 30th (Memory Books)
[Courtesy of Ruth (Ragan, "Raggy") Hunter]