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George Washington High School Class of 1963
50-Year Reunion (2013),
70th Birthday Bash (2015),
55th Reunion (April 28, 2018),
NEXT: 60th Reunion (June 10, 2023)

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Welcome to the web site for the classmates and friends of the Spring 1963 class of George Washington High School. As you can see, this site is still a work in progress, and it will be continually updated as time goes by.

The emphasis for this web site is the ’here & now’. While it’s always nice to go down memory lane every now and then, what we’re interested is what and where you are now. Also, we want to provide a contact point for those seeking to contact old friends. When you look at the class list, those names underlined are the classmates who we have been in contact with. We would also like to know the whereabouts of other classmates who we have not had contact with.

Any information of interest to our class or comments about the site can be directed to Sheldon Wong.

Thank you for stopping on in.

Site last updated Jan. 17, 2023

The Original Site created by David Minkin
Courtesy of David Minkin: "Website is now renewed to June 25, 2021"
The present GWHS Class of 1963 Web Site is maintained by Paul J. Wigowsky
(with the help of Sheldon Wong)

FACEBOOK - GWHS Class of Spring'63
PUBLIC GROUP (FACEBOOK) -- Hopefully, this will be the main internet contact site for members of the George Washington High School Class of Spring 1963, San Francisco, CA. Let us know what you're up to and please post any info that would pertain to our class.

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