EXPLORER OF THE NEW WORLD: Erik the Red & Leif Erikson

(980-?) (1000-?)
Iím Leif Ericson and my father is Eric the Red and Iím here to talk about my father and me. My father is famous for being a viking. When I was two, my father decided to take himself and his family and his family to Greenland. Iím famous for being the first person to lead an European expedition.

I was born in Budardular. I sailed west from Greenland in 1002. I discovered a new place, I called it Vinland. I called it Vinland because it had alot of vines that made wine.

When I was 19 I voyaged to Norway where I spent winter at Norways Chriastian king, Olav 1 Tryggvason. When I got home I converted my mom to chriastianity. I grew up in Brattahild. I believe in 999 I traveled to Iceland then to Greenland. In Greenland I became chriastan. I went back to Greenland in the year 1000 and reached my fatherís pagan settlement. My father died shortly after I came back from Greenland.

I was so famous they made a huge statue of me at the Marilens Museum.

NORTH CAROLINA -- the Colony