I am Amerigo Vespucci. I am an Italian explorer who was born in Florence in 1454. I spent my early life in the banking firm of Lorenzo Medici of Florence. I made two voyages along the cost of south America for Spain in 1499-1500 and Portugal in 1501-1502. I explored all of the continents.

My second achievement was the European discovery.

My third achievement was the discovery of America. I explored to Cape Santo Augustino, at the tip of Brazil. After coasting westward past the Maracaibo Gulf until I turned to Hispaniola. That may have been the first expedition to touch Brazil as well as the first to cross the equator and the new world waters.

I was the first to use the phrase new world. I was the first to conclude that the new lands were of continental proportions.

I died of Malaria in Seville on the month of February the day of twenty-second and the year of fifteen-twelve. I contracted the disease in my explorations of South America.

When I died I was an astronomer for Spain. I died a great man, or at least thatís what I think. Without my discovery you as the whole world would not have Rio De Janiero and the united states of America the land you as civilized people live in today.

It was a tragedy to know that such a great man died of such a horrible disease he was a really great man, so at least I myself think.

NEW YORK -- the Colony