The New York colony

by A.W.

In 1664 the duke of York who happened to be the king of England brother sent some war ships into new Amsterdam. The Dutch surrendered with out firing once. The English had wanted and now got all of what was once New Netherlands. The duke of York was the proprietor of the hole colony. He renamed it New York Dutch citizens like William Beeker kept their land and jobs.

This proprietor wanted to make money from this colony by renting land to the colonist. The land was very good for farming. To encourage settlers this, the proprietor also offered religious toleration or freedom of religion. This guarantee of religious toleration attracted a lot of people to the New York colony.

New York sat on a harbor where the Hudson River flowed into the ocean. New York unlike Philadelphia was not a planned city. The streets of New York were very crocked, narrow and busy.

A wealth of fur, grain,and cheese came down the Hudson river from the back country and into New York. Merchants also imported items from Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Thier papers recorded imports of everything from elephant tusks to lime juice.

New York colony was very similar to Pennsylvania colony. But yet New York colony was also very different from the Pennsylvania colony.

New York was a very crowded and very busy. The reason that New York colony is so crowded is because of religious toleration.

Because religious toleration attracted so many people to the New York colony.


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