Robert LaSalle

by ZA

This is a report on Robert La Salle. He was a French explorer.

He led the first European expedition to find the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Robert La Salle claimed the Mississippi valley for France. His many explorations helped Frances hopes for a great empire in the new world.

La Salle was born in Rouen France. His real name was Rene-Robert Lavellier. He changed his name to La Salle of his families estate.

As a youth La Salle went to schools ran by Jesuit priests and studied to be a Jesuit. However, he left the training in 1665 to find an adventure.

The next year La Salle went to Canada, where some French colonies were.

La Salle obtained some land by Montreal and became a fur trader. He traded mostly with the Indians which told him of two great rivers to the southwest, the Mississippi and the Ohio. The Indians thought these rivers flowed into the sea. La Salle thought one or both of them might be a trail through North America to the Pacific Ocean.

La Salle and his son were murdered in 1683.

NORTH CAROLINA -- the Colony