Paraguay-Colombia Picture Journal

Paraguay-Colombia Picture Journal

See Asuncion, Caacupe, Encarnacion, Fram -- in Paraguay.
See Iguazu Falls, Puerto Iguazu, Posadas -- in Argentina.
See Cartagena, Salento, Bogota, Zipaquira -- in Colombia.

See the Journey of Elsa and Jeannie (Kowal sister) in pictures as they rediscover their "Motherland" (Paraguay) where they were born and raised.
Expanded Picture-Journal of Fram (birthplace)

See Nick Monge (son of Jeannie), Susie Wigowsky (daughter of Elsa), and me travel with the sisters and experience their thrill of discovery -- and other adventures.
Expanded Picture-Journal of Caacupe, spiritual center of Paraguay
Expanded Picture-Journal of the Iguazu Falls
Expanded Picture-Journal about Yerba Mate
Expanded Picture-Journal about the Missions

Travel with Paul, Elsa, and Susie to Colombia and see new places that we explored.
Expanded Picture-Journal of the Coffee Farm

Susie's Album - unique pictures