Maya World Videos -
in Guatemala

Pacaya Volcano near Antigua, Guatemala
first sighting of lava flow, like a giant boa constrictor
Pacaya Volcano, lava flow

steady steam/smoke coming out of cone of volcano

Pacaya Volcano, smoke

red-hot lava flow oozes out of black lava formation on volcano

Pacaya Volcano, lava flow

volcano guide roasts a marshmallow at the lava flow site

Pacaya Volcano, roasting marshmallow

Strong surf and dangerous ocean waves at Monterrico, Guatemala
Notice the black volcanic sand of the beach

Ocean at Monterrico, Guatemala

boat ride to a mangrove at Monterrico, Guatemala

Boat ride through mangrove in Monterrico, Guatemala

market day at Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Market Day at chichicastenango, Guatemala

Market Day at chichicastenango, Guatemala