This time I was making the pilgrimage to the Holy Land not for myself. I was doing it for my brother. The first time, back in 2007, was my personal desire to see the Holy Land and walk where the Master Jesus (Yeshua) walked. The second time was to help my brother fulfill his life-long dream to see the land where his Lord and Savior came to earth to bring salvation to mankind.

My brother was going through the beginning stages of memory loss, and I wanted to give him a chance to make a memorable trip before he completely lost the ability to remember the experiences of his life. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I did not know much about what the debilitating disease did to the functions of the brain. I was about to learn all about it as we embarked on the ten day journey to Israel.

I assured my brother’s wife not to worry. I would be with my brother 24/7. I would be my “brother’s keeper” throughout the pilgrimage. After all, my soul purpose was to provide him with the opportunity of being in a place where miracles were possible. Perhaps, one of the holy places where Jesus performed his miracles would be a place where my brother would experience his own personal miracle of mental rejuvenation and memory recovery. I always believed that “faith without works was worthless,” and I was willing to do whatever it took to put my faith into action. The rest would have to depend on my brother’s faith and the grace of God.