Pilgrimage in the Holy Land: Israel
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Paul John Wigowsky announces release of Pilgrimage in the Holy Land: Israel
New travel guide takes readers to foreign lands full of history and excitement.
SALEM, Ore. – Author Paul John Wigowsky invites readers to witness the pilgrimage he and his brother took to the Holy Land in Pilgrimage in the Holy Land: Israel
(published by AuthorHouse)

Hoping to create lasting memories with his brother, who has Alzheimer’s, Wigowsky decided to take him to Israel. Detailed within Pilgrimage in the Holy Land: Israel is a complete tourist guide to the history, culture and religions of Israel. Written in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format, readers will be able to follow instructive talks and discussions as they journey through dozens of holy sites in the Holy Land (Israel) with the author and his brother. Some of the sites they will be greeted with are: Caesarea, Mount Carmel, Megiddo, Nazareth, Tel Dan, Banias (Caesarea Philippi), Capernaum, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Beit Shean, Masada, Qumran, Bethany Beyond Jordan, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

An excerpt from the book:
“Marian: ‘One of the things they’ve reconstructed (at Nazareth Village) is a synagogue. So I just wanted to open up for you the subject of a synagogue, because it’s so different from a church. A church is literally from the word ‘kyriakos’ – of God, the room of God; you’re going into the body of God. And a synagogue is nothing like that, at all. A synagogue is just a place for coming together. It’s a place of meeting. And what would the place of meeting be for?’
Tony: ‘Worship.’
Marian: ‘Discussion. Now, this is a very big thing with the Jewish people. What you do in the Jewish religion is, you read the Bible, and then you have a discussion. You don’t read it without discussion. So, you know how sometimes there’s something in the Bible, and it doesn’t quite make sense? A lot of people would tend to gloss over those things that don’t make too much sense, but that cannot happen in the Jewish religion, because if something doesn’t make sense, we call that ‘a hook.’ That’s something that you want to look into. If it doesn’t make sense, God is telling us something. So you have to look into that, and see what God is trying to tell us."

Pilgrimage in the Holy Land: Israel
By Paul John Wigowsky
Softcover | 8.5 x 11 in | 416 pages | ISBN 9781481733380
E-Book | 414 pages | ISBN 9781481733397
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About the Author:
Paul John Wigowsky is a lifetime student of comparative religions. He earned two master’s degrees from San Francisco State University in English and Russian. He retired from teaching after a productive 27-year career at the elementary and middle school levels in Oregon. He has written four other books. More information can be found at: