Audio files of Pilgrim Tours, guide Marian Gevish

Tour 1 - Introduction to Israel, Coastal Plain

Tour 2 – Audio file of Caesarea.
2a - To Caesarea / Reading, Peter & the Centurion (Acts 10)
2b - To Caesarea (continued)
2c - Caesarea - film (timeline of Caesarea)
2d - Caesarea - theater (Greek culture)
2e - Caesarea - Herod the Great (builder)
2f - Caesarea - conclusion

Tour 3 – Audio file of Mount Carmel, “vineyard of God”

Tour 4 – Audio file of Mount Carmel: Jezebel, Elijah
4a - Mount Carmel: Baal/Asherah; Druze restaurant (Layali El Carmel)

Tour 5 – Audio file of Tel Megiddo
5a – Tel Megiddo (film) - 20 civilizations

Tour 6 – Audio file of Tel Megiddo (excavations)

Tour 7 – Audio file of Tel Megiddo (trough, stables)

Tour 8 – Audio file of Nazareth
8a – Tour of Nazareth with local guide

Tour 9 – Audio file of Mary from Migdal, Sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes

Tour 10 – Audio file of Mount of Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount (read by Steve Miller)
10a – Discourse on the Kibbutz (& Moshav) communities
10b – Story of Abraham & his sons
10c – Arriving at Dan Nature Reserve
10d – Trail at Dan River (tributary of Jordan River)

Tour 11 – Audio file of Dan Nature Reserve; Reading by Pastor John Miller
11a – Devotional song - "Lord, you are more precious than ..."

Tour 12 – Audio file of Dan, the Cultic Center; high place, reading of 1Samuel 9

Tour 13 – Audio file of Dan and the Gateway to the City
13a – Banias (Caesarea Philippi)

Tour 14 – Audio file of Banias (Caesarea Philippi) – Temple of Pan (“nature god”)
14a – Banias (Caesarea Philippi)

Tour 15 – Audio file of Middle East (discussion); Golan Heights, wars, etc.
15a – Church of the Multiplication
15b – Capernaum
15c – Capernaum, reading by Pastor Tom Burns - Matthew 9
15d – Capernaum synagogue
15e – Church of the Multiplication
15f – Tiberius; discussion of Talmud

Tour 16 – Audio file of Sea of Galilee boat ride: Canada anthem, guide Jacob, and songs
16a – Reading - Mark 6

Tour 17 – Audio file of Sea of Galilee boat ride: Singers, “Hava Nagila”
17a – Sea of Galilee boat ride, music
17b – Sea of Galilee boat ride, singing "Amen"
17c – Sea of Galilee, Jesus Boat at Museum (film)

Tour 18 – Audio file of ride to Yardenit, baptismal site on Jordan River; Tiberias

Tour 19 – At Beit Shean (Decapolis city)
19a – At Beit Shean (Decapolis city; talk with Dr. Ron Moseley

Tour 20 – Audio file of Beit Shean: the Tel (mound), bathhouse
20a – Beit Shean: bathhouse
20b – History - Israel, Judea
20c – History - Israel, Judea (continued)
20d – Jordan River
20e – Jordan River (continued)
20f – Dead (Salt) Sea
20g – Dead (Salt) Sea; Ahava

Tour 21 – Audio file of drive to Masada. History of Herod the Great
21a – Masada (film)

Tour 22 – Audio file of Masada: the fortress, the rebellion

Tour 23 – Audio file of Masada: continued tour of the fortress

Tour 24 – Audio file of Ein Gedi Nature Reserve; reading of 1 Samuel 24

Tour 25 – Audio file of Ein Gedi – the Acacia tree

Tour 26 – Audio file of Jewish custom of circumcision; drive to Jordan River

Tour 27 – Audio file of Jordan River (original site of baptism); sing “Swing low, swing chariot”

Tour 28 – Audio file of Qumran: Yahad (Serekh ha-Yahad = community rule)

Tour 29 – Audio file of Qumran: Pools of water, pottery; library
29a – Qumran (film); ritual baths

Tour 30 – Audio file of Qumran: excavation of pools

Tour 31 – Audio file of the drive to Jerusalem; singing
31a – Jerusalem; Mount of Olives
31b – Mount of Olives
31c – City of David (temple/ark)
31d – Dr. Ron Moseley explains Jewish burial custom / Mount Olivet (Luke 17:28)
31e – Dominus Felvit ("the Lord wept") church

Tour 32 – Audio of the Mount of Olives; Gethsemane. Reading Matthew 26
32a – Grotto, Tomb of Mary
32b – Tomb of Mary (continued)

Tour 33 – Audio of Mount Zion, City of David. David’s tomb
33a – Zion, Upper Room (of Last Supper)
33b – Upper Room (continued)
33c – Western Hill
33d – Peter Gallicantu (cock-crow) church

Tour 34 – Audio of Peter Gallicantu church; Peter’s denial. Reading John 18

Tour 35 – Audio of Abraham’s tent at Genesis Land; camels

Tour 36 – Audio of Father Abraham at Genesis Land; hospitality
36a – Ride to Old City (walled Jerusalem)
36b – Jerusalem Archaeological Park
36c – Jerusalem Archaeological Park (continued)
36d – Jerusalem Archaeological Park - Southern / Western walls
36e – Jerusalem Archaeological Park - Southern / Western walls (continued)
36f – Reading of Acts 2, by Pastor Tom Burns

Tour 37 – Audio file of Model of Mount Moriah (Temple Mount); Western Wall tunnels
37a – Model of Temple Mount
37b – Western Wall tunnels
37c – Western Wall tunnels (continued)
37d – Western Wall tunnels - history of tunnels by guide Uval
37e – Church of the Flagellation
37f – Site of Judgment (Antonia fortress)

Tour 38 – Audio file of Stairs to the Reservoir; Dr. Moseley, Game of Kings; Luke 23

Tour 39 – Audio file of Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow)

Tour 40 – Audio file of Church of the Holy Sepulcher; Golgotha (“Place of Skull” – of Adam)

Tour 41 – Audio file of Tomb of Jesus; cemetery nearby

Tour 42 – Audio file of Ride to Bethlehem (Palestinian Authority)

Tour 43 – Audio file of Lunch in Bethlehem; John, guide
43a – Church of the Nativity, local guide Nadal
43b – Church of the Nativity, local guide Nadal - Crusader church
43c – Church of the Nativity, local guide Nadal - history
43d – Church of the Nativity, Russian Orthodox liturgical singing
43e – City of Jerusalem tour
43f – City of Jerusalem tour (continued)
43g – Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock
43h – Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock (continued)

Tour 44 – Audio file of Temple Mount; Church of St. Anne, sing “Amazing Grace”

Tour 45 – Audio file of Pool of Bethesda (“House of the Grace of God”)
45a – Lion's (Stephen's) Gate
45b – Ride to Israel Museum
45c – Model of Jerusalem
45d – Model of Jerusalem (continued)

Tour 46 – Audio file of Shrine of the Book Museum (scrolls)
46a – Shrine of the Book Museum, self-guide
46b – Yad VaShem Museum
46c – Yad VaShem Museum (continued)
46d – Yad HaVhem Museum - children's section
46e – Yad VaShem Museum (film)

Tour 47 – Audio file of Garden Tomb; reading, singing; communion
47a – Garden Tomb tour, guide Roy
47b – Garden Tomb tour, guide Roy (continued)