May 9 (Sun.) Continental Airlines (CO1444-CO883) Arrive in Bogota (8:35 PM).
(stay at Alegria's hostel-3 nights)

May 10 (Mon.)- sightseeing in Bogota (Museum of Gold)
Gold Museum

May 11 (Tue.)- trip to Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira (stay in Bogota - 3rd night)
Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

May 12 (Wed.)- bus to San Agustin; Hotel Colonial

May 13 (Thur.) - San Agustin Archaeological Site
[Guide - Luis Salazar]
UNESCO site, San Agustin
Bus to Popayan

May 14 (Fri.) - Popayan / Coconuco Hot Springs

May 15 (Sat.) - Ipiales, border town
Ipiales, border town
Night bus to Quito

May 16 (Sun.) - Quito, Ecuador

May 17 (Mon.) - Visit Tolas (pyramids) de Cochasqui [guide, Virgilio]
Bus to Amazon Basin
Los Yutzos Hostel (2 nights)

May 18 (Tue.) - Amazon Basin, Tena (Rio Napo)[guide, Gabriel]

May 19 (Wed.) - Amazon Basin, Tena (Rio Napo)
Bus to Loja, transfer to Cuenca (PM)

May 20 (Thur.) - Cuenca / Hotel Mitlan
Restaurant El Maiz, Calle Larga

Ingapirca Archaeological site

May 21 (Fri.) - Vilcabamba / Rumi Wilco Nature Reserve / Restaurante Vegetariano
Vilcabamba, Ecuador

May 22 (Sat.) - Bus to Loja (AM), transfer to Piura (PM), Peru / Hospedaje Peru, Calle Arequipa

May 23 (Sun.) - Bus (AM) to Chiclayo (Sipan, Tomb of Moche King)
Bus to Trujillo (PM)

May 24 (Mon.) - Trujillo (Huacas del Sol y de la Luna)
Trujillo, Peru
Chan Chan (Chimu Empire)
Chan Chan
Restaurant Turistico El Sombrero, Av. Mansiche

May 25 (Tue.) - Huanchaco (beach town)

May 26 (Wed.) - Bus to Lima (AM). Arrive in Lima for overnight stay.
Lima, Peru

May 27 (Thur.) - Flight Lima to La Paz, Bolivia [Lan Airlines]
Stay at Loki Hostel-La Paz (2nights)

May 28 (Fri.) - Tiahuanaco-Tiwanaku Archaeological site - Day Tour with Kanoo Tours
start at 8:30 (pick up at Loki hostel)

May 29 (Sat.) - Vicuna Tours Bus, from La Paz to Copacabana; Isla de Sol at Lake Titicaca / Hotel Yumani
Lake Titicaca

May 30 (Sun.) - Isla de Sol

May 31 (Mon.) - Vicuna Tours Bus, from Copacabana to Puno
Bus leaves at 1PM, Check in at 12:30PM.

June 1 (Tue.) Uros Floating Islands & Taquile Boat tour [Inka Tours]
Stay at Camino Real Turistico Hotel, Puno / Lago de Flores Restaurant
Puno, Peru

June 2 (Wed.) - Bus ride from Puno to Cuzco [Inka Express - stop at Andahuaylilas, Raqchi, La Raya, Pucara]
Hospedaje Pampawasi, Calle Meloc (3 nights)
Pampawasi Inn

June 3 (Thur.) - Cuzco (Sacsayhuaman, Qoricancha)

June 4 (Fri.) - Sacred Valley (Ollantaytambo, Urubamba, Chinchero, Pisac)
Sacred Valley

June 5-8 (S-T) - Inca Trail (
Inca Trail
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

June 8 (Tue) Agua Calientes / Stay overnight in Cusco (Hospedaje Pampawasi, Calle Meloc).

June 9 (Wed) - Flight from Cuzco to Lima (Taca Airlines),
Stay 2 nights at Hostel San Francisco, Lima

June 10 (Thur.) - Lima (Pachacamac, Miraflores)

June 11 (Fri.) - Flight out of Lima, Peru (Continental, Flight 591, depart 11:45PM)

June 12 (Sat.) - Arrival in SFO (Continental, Flight 92, Arrive 9:43AM)