Inka Pilgrimage: Hidden Treasures of Pachamama

by Paul John Wigowsky

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Copyright 2011

Dedicated to my guide: my daughter, Susie Wigowsky, who made this pilgrimage possible

Chapter 1 - Museum of Gold
Chapter 2 - Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira
Chapter 3 - San Agustin Archaeological Park
Chapter 4 - Popayan and Ipiales (Sanctuary of Las Lajas)
Chapter 5 - Quito and the Pyramids of Cochasqui
Chapter 6 - Amazon Basin - Tena and Rio Napo
Chapter 7 - Cuenca and Ingapirca ("Inka Wall")
Chapter 8 - Vilcabamba: Sacred Valley of Longevity
Chapter 9 - Peru: Chiclayo (Lord Sipan), Trujillo (Moche, Chan Chan)
Chapter 10 - Bolivia: Tiwanaku, Virgin of Copacabana
Chapter 11 - Lake Titicaca: Island of the Sun, Uros Floating Islands
Chapter 12 - Journey to Cusco, Sacred Valley
Chapter 13 - Inka Trail, Machu Picchu

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Inca Pilgrimage: Hidden Treasures of Pachamama
Travels in the South American countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia (2010)

Thanks to Fiona Rego for her photos from the trip at San Augustin, Colombia