Inka Pilgrimage: Hidden Treasures of Pachamama

by Paul John Wigowsky

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Copyright 2011

Dedicated to my guide: my daughter, Susie Wigowsky, who made this pilgrimage possible

Chapter 1 - Museum of Gold
Chapter 2 - Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira
Chapter 3 - San Agustin Archaeological Park
Chapter 4 - Popayan and Ipiales (Sanctuary of Las Lajas)
Chapter 5 - Quito and the Pyramids of Cochasqui
Chapter 6 - Amazon Basin - Tena and Rio Napo
Chapter 7 - Cuenca and Ingapirca ("Inka Wall")
Chapter 8 - Vilcabamba: Sacred Valley of Longevity
Chapter 9 - Peru: Chiclayo (Lord Sipan), Trujillo (Moche, Chan Chan)
Chapter 10 - Bolivia: Tiwanaku, Virgin of Copacabana
Chapter 11 - Lake Titicaca: Island of the Sun, Uros Floating Islands
Chapter 12 - Journey to Cusco, Sacred Valley
Chapter 13 - Inka Trail, Machu Picchu

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Inca Pilgrimage: Hidden Treasures of Pachamama
Travels in the South American countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia (2010)