Inka Pilgrimage: The Hidden Treasures of Pachamama

About the Author:
Paul John Wigowsky is a lifetime student of comparative religions. He earned two masters degrees from San Francisco State University: English, Russian. He retired from teaching after a productive twenty-seven year career at the elementary and middle school levels in Oregon. He wrote a book (Freedom For an Old Believer) about the religion, customs, and traditions of a community of Russian Old Believers he worked with in the school district.

In 2006, he wrote God in Three Persons: A Spiritual Odyssey a historico-religious romance (semi-allegorical narrative) about three historical persons who appeared almost simultaneously on the stage of the first century AD to transform the world.

In 2009, he took a pilgrimage to the Maya world of Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala, and ended up writing a book about it and the Popol Vuh: Maya Pilgrimage: Xibalba, MaXimon, and our GalaXy. He gave credit to his daughter, Susie Wigowsky, for being an excellent guide throughout the journey.

In 2010, he took a pilgrimage with his daughter to the South American countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and ended up writing about it in this book: Inka Pilgrimage: Hidden Treasures of Pachamama. He gives credit in this book to his daughter, Susie Wigowsky, as a guide and co-author of an adventure that culminated with the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu.