TREASURE QUEST - Ultimate Solution
Submitted by Paul J. Wigowsky, May 31, 1996

Disclaimer: I, Paul J. Wigowsky, provide this submission to the TQ questers who joined me in solving the puzzles in the game to come up with "The Tree of Life" as the Ultimate Solution. Other interested parties can see how complex the game is, and it would have taken a long time (months, maybe years) to solve by oneself. However, due to the nature of the chat room and exchange of information with fellow-questers during the course of the quest, the game was easily solved in just 7 weeks.
I have personally gone on to other adventures in my life -- pilgrimages in my retirement -- and I accepted the fate of the game admirably. Like I tell my daughter ever so often: "It was either go to court to fight the outcome of the game -- i.e. another winner declared -- or set aside that money to pay for her college education. I never regretted my decision to use the "court-battle money" for my daughter's education. And I have reaped the reward of an intelligent daughter who has been my guide on several of my pilgrimages (Maya World, and the Inka Pilgrimage, which included the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu).
Pilgrimage to Maya World, Inka Pilgrimage