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My brother, Stanley (Peace be upon him), preached at this church in Germany in 1997, when he visited with his mother (Olga) to see the German relatives that were part of his heritage. Here is an audio of the sermon that he preached to the Russian-German congregation -- he preached using Deuteronomy 28-30 as his main theme. An important verse that he emphasized was Deut. 30:5 -- "And the Lord thy God will bring you into the land which thy fathers possessed."

Stan's Sermon, Part 1

Stan's Sermon, Part 2

In 1997, Stanley traveled with his mother Olga Wigowsky to visit her German relatives in Germany. Stanley conducted an interview with the relatives, Fedya Roda, Eduard Roda, and his mother. Stanley was interested in a timeline of their journey from Ukraine to Kazakhstan, and then the timeline of the birth of each of Olga's children (Stanley's siblings).

Stan's Interview with German relatives

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