Links to Don Potter's "From Sounds to Letters" (contributed by Don Potter)

Here is the Blue Book material.
Sounds to Letters (based on Blue Book Material)

From Sounds to Letters, Blue Book wordlines (by Don Potter)

Progress Chart

Student Progress Chart - A Long-Vowel First, Synthetic-Phonics Reading Program (by Don Potter)

Here is the Gold Book material.
Sounds to Letters (based on Gold Book material)

From Sounds to Letters, Gold Book wordlines (by Don Potter)

EXTRA: The Entire Millie and the Cowboy story (presented by Don Potter)

Vocabulary Cards - Word Fluency (developed by Don Potter)

Nationwide Educational Reform Campaign
Sponsored by Donald L. Potter

Word Mastery, a course in Phonics for the First Three Grades,
by Florence Akin and Donald Potter

Open Court Phonics Storybooks, by Donald L. Potter
Some Evidence for the Superiority of the Long-Vowel-First Association Method

Associational Levels Ladder Progress Chart

Here is Harold Henderson's article. He also wrote a book on the Open Court method.
Harold Henderson's article

Here is my Dolch Comparison. Every school in my district teaches all the beginning students the Dolch List. I believe it is a leading cause of reading problems, but will never convince "them" to abandon the practice.
Dolch Comparison

Here are two charts modeled after the organization of the Phonovisual Charts, but with the Open Court sound symbols.

Phonovisual Charts

Here is Henderson's book, Let's Kill Dick and Jane. I read it carefully a few years back. The guy who wrote the review must have been the husband of Ann Hughes who wrote the stories. I find it very interesting and encouraging that that Ann's husband wrote this short review. Henderson wrote just as SRA/McGraw-Hill was revising the book.
Henderson's book, Let's Kill Dick and Jane