Statewide Assessment Program

Math Problem-Solving, 1999-2000

5th Grade Math Problem-Solving

1. Teresa needs to buy 4 new tires for her car. She found the prices at three different tire stores. What is the best price for four tires?

Turn Around Tires Roundabout Tire Get you There Tires
Buy 3 tires; get one free $40 off of total purchase
Each tire: $63.55 Each tire: $46.25 Each tire: $56.75

2. Tom and his dad plan to begin laying sod on their back yard at 8:00 AM. The yard is rectangular and is 20 feet long and 15 feet wide. If Tom and his dad can each lay 20 square feet of sod every hour, what time will it be when they are finished?

3. The data below give the weights of some female grizzly bears and female black bears living in the Rocky Mountains in Montana. Based on these data, how much heavier is an average female bear of one kind than an average female bear of the other kind?

Grizzly Bears: Name / WeightBlack Bears: Name / Weight
Blackberry = 120 kg
Sue = 270 kgGreta = 110 kg
Linda = 286 kgHilda = 115 kg
Wilma = 260 kgBlackfoot = 110 kg
Glenda = 272 kgMarcy = 120 kg

4. People began waiting in line for the new amusement park at 9:00. By 9:05 there were seven people in line. At the end of the second five minutes (9:10) there were 16 people in line. At the end of 15 minutes (9:15) there were 25 people in line. If this pattern continues, what time will it be when there are 88 people in line?

5. Nicole's brother painted her bedroom door bright orange. She hung a poster to cover it up. The poster was 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. She could still see 1 foot of ugly paint on the left and right sides of the poster, and 2 feet of orange paint above and below it. How many feet wide and tall is Nicole's door?

6. While sitting on his front porch at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Travis noticed something interesting. At the same moment his grandfather clock, which chimes every 4 hours, chimed, the church bell down the street, which rings every 6 hours, went off. When will be the next time that these 2 sounds happen at the same time?