Writing Assessment Topics

by J.H.

1. The Day I Met Michael Vick
2. Getting Off the Bus at Levi's House
3. Book Report

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. The Day I Met Michael Vick
by: J.H.

TOPIC: Think of someone real or fictional that you would like to meet. Make up a story about your meeting.

One afternoon when I was playing football in the yard a red convertible drove up the driveway. A black man got out of the car.

“ Who are you?’’ I asked him.

“ I’m Michael Vick,’’ he answered.

“ Why are you here?’’ I asked.

“ To play with someone named Justin,’’ he said. "Do you know him?’’

“ Yes,’’ I responded,“ I am Justin.’’

“ Let’s go play football,” he said in excitement.

So we went to the front yard to play football. When we were playing all of my friends came over. We played football and had a great time together.

After all my friends had gone home Michael and I went into the house. We played N.C.A.A. Football 2000. Our team was the Virginia Tech Hokies and we played against the Florida State Seminoles. “ You can be quarterback, I’ll be wide receiver, ’’ I said to him. So we played an undefeated 12-0 season and beat Florida State in the N.C.A.A. National Championship (Fed Ex Orange Bowl).

Later at about 9:00 that night I asked my mom when Michael was going home. She said that he was going to spend the night at our house. We had a wonderful time together.

The next morning when Michael was leaving he gave me an autographed picture of himself, a leather Nike football, a Virginia Tech hat, and of course a Michael Vick jersey.

2. Getting Off the Bus at Levi's House
by: J.H.

Statewide Assessment Program -- Writing, 1999-2000
TOPIC: 2. Tell a true story about a time when you helped someone or someone helped you.
MODE: Narrative

It all happened one day in kindergarten. I was sitting with my friend Levi on the bus. We were starring out the window when we saw my mom. The moment I saw her our bus driver drove out of the parking lot. I was scared and almost burst into tears because I thought that my mom was picking me up for an appointment. Then Levi thought of an idea. He told me that I should get off the bus with him. So I did.

When we got to Levi’s house his mom was shocked with surprise. So Levi and I explained what all had happened. She asked, “ How did the bus driver not notice that you got off together. ’’ We told her we had a substitute driver so she probably thought we were brothers or something of that sort.

So Levi and I played together until my mom came to take me home. When my mom was driving home she asked how I had ended up at Levi’s house. So I told her that I saw her at the school. I told her about Levi’s idea. Then I told her that I would never mean to make her worried about me.

I will never forget that day when Levi helped me.

3. Book Report