Writing Assessment Topics
by B. B.

1. Pokemon Cards
2. The Day I Met Fred Gibson
3. Book Report

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. Pokemon Cards
By: B. B.

TOPIC: You probably know a lot about a hobby, activity or special interest. Explain your interest to someone who does not know much about it.

My hobby is Poke’mon Cards. I’ve got a whole bunch of cards. There is 150 different cards. I’ve got 144 of them. I need Venasaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Victrebell, Alakazam, Chansey, and Dragonair. My best card is probably Clefairy. My favorite is Aerodactyl because of its shape. I started collecting Poke’mon because Zak encouraged me to start. I got my first card from Amy. The hit points range from 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, and 120. They don’t have 110.

Digimon cards copied Poke’mon. If you had 100 kids in a room 98% would like Poke’mon more then Digimon. 2% would like Digimon better.

I like to trade so I can sell them for over $100.

I’ve got every Japanese card you can imagine. You name it I’ve got it. In Japan Poke’mon means Pocket Monsters. In Japan when you buy a pack you are guaranteed a holographic.

My rarest card is a Japanese Alakazam. My American is a holographic Aerodactyl.


2. The Day I Met Fred Gibson
By: B. B.

TOPIC: 7. Imagine that you have the chance to meet a character from a book. Make up a story about what happens.
MODE: Imaginative

One day I was outside when I heard a Dodge Viper, 1997 coming. It was going fast. It stopped in our driveway and a man walked out. It was Fred Gibson.

“Hey want to go for a ride kid,” he said.

“Do I! Do chickens lay eggs,” I said.


So I got to ride in his car. It was like heaven. He asked me if I wanted to go to Bullwinkels. I said “Sure.”

When we got there he went and bought 7 rides to go on the Virtual Roller Coaster. We went on it 7 times in a row. On the last turn we told him to put it on expert. We whirled and twirled in there like a bouncy ball.

When we got out we went to lazer tag. We were on the same team.

Bam! I hit somebody. Bam! Somebody hit me. Bam! Fred hit somebody. Bam! We both hit somebody.

When we got out our scores were Fred 3150. Ben 3155.

We went down stairs and bought 100 dollars worth of tokens. He gave me 200 and him 200. At the end I had 5196. Fred had 6000. I got a miniature pool table, 3 Beanie Babies, 5 claws, 10 recorders, and 9 tab spoons. Matt got the same plus a big bat.

After that we rode go carts. I got the fastest car out there. He got 4th fastest. I lapped him. Then waited till he passed me when I speeded. When we were leaving the track I found a dollar I picked it up.

Next we went golfing. We made a bet if I win. I get to have 20 dollars worth of tokens. He wins I give him my idea on his next book.

I went first it took me 3 shots. Fred 2 shots. On our 2nd hole it took me 1 and Fred 2. On our 3rd hole it took me 4 and Fred 3. On our 4th hole it took me 3 and Fred 1. On our 5th hole it took me 1 and Fred 5. On our 6th hole it took me 4 and him 2. Last hole was tied. I hit it 3 times before it went in. It took him 2 times. I lost.

So we went home and I gave him the idea of a book with a dog and a boy. Today you would know it as Old Yeller.

3. Book Report