Writing Assessment Topics

by N. A.

1. Meeting Tony Hawk
2. My First Time Swimming -- Statewide Assessment
3. BOOK REPORT: The Story of Harriet Tubman

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. Meeting Tony Hawk
By N.A.

TOPIC: Think of someone real or fictional that you would like to meet. Make up a story about your meeting.

I wish I could meet Tony Hawk because I like to skateboard. Tony Hawk is the world’s best skateboarder. But one day before my birthday my mom said “Nick tomorrow you’re going to meet Tony Hawk. “wow”. I said “Mom you’re lieing, right”. “No”.

So I got happy and I couldn’t wait. Then finally it was morning. It was 10:00 am when I met him. I was so happy I got his autograph and he also showed me how to skate. He told me that if you like a sport never give up that’s how he became a professional skater.

I really enjoyed meeting Tony Hawk because I want to be Just like him. I guess I can be just like him but I have to practice alot.


2. My First Time Swimming -- Statewide Assessment

By N. A.

TOPIC: 1. Tell a true story that happened to you or someone you know that fits one of the following titles: “They All Laughed,” or “I’ll Never Do That Again.”
MODE: Narrative

One day on a Sunday it was hot, so I asked my mom and dad if we can go swimming. The said “yes”. So I got ready and I went into the car. I waited and waited and finally my dad came and said “were going in a half in a hour”. “Okay” So I got out and played football by myself.

The finally my mom and dad came out and we got in the car. We finally got to the swimming hole and we saw lots of deer. I was only five and a half years old. We had a barbecue with my cousins, aunts and uncles. My cousins were swimming but I didn’t because I didn’t know how to so I asked my dad if he can show me how to swim and he said “yes”. Then a hour later I was sitting on a rock and I saw a baby deer and I wanted to catch it,so I started to swim across and it was deep.

Then I got tired and couldn’t swim any more so I cried out “help” “help” My dad said “whats that noise”. “Wheres Nick”. “Look” “Look”. over there it’s Nick so my dad jumped in after me and took me to shore. He asked me what happened and I said “I saw a baby deer and I swam after it”. My dad said “son don’t ever do that again okay”. “Okay”.

So I’ll never do that again.

3. BOOK REPORT: The Story of Harriet Tubman
Author:Kate McMullan
by N. A.

The book is about slaves and the underground railroad. There’s a woman slave that helps other slaves to the underground railroad. So that they can be free. There’s a girl named Minty who is six years old and she has to work alot while her little sister gets to play. Minty wishes she can play,but she has to work. Mint has eleven brothers and eleven sisters.

One day Minty’s master let a woman borrow her for a couple of days. Everytime Minty does something wrong she gets whipped.

One day the woman was going to whip her Minty started to run out of the house as fast as she could. The woman and her husband started to run after her but Minty was to fast so the woman and her husband stopped. Minty ran a little more then she finally stopped.

Minty got kind of hungry so she went back and got whipped. She had eleven scares. Finally the woman got tired of Minty and gave her back. Minty was happy to see her mom and dad again. At home Minty worked on a plantation and also takes care of babies. One day a woman came and was talking to the slaves about the underground railroad and the woman took some slaves to the railroad with her. The slaves are going to Canada where there are no slaves. The under ground railroad isn’t a train it’s lots of houses under ground and they move like that.

No white people know about it because it’s a secret. Minty always dreams of freedom. Minty and other slaves weren’t allowed to go to church. When Minty works she sings a song about freedom but white people just think it’s a song.

Minty always milks the cows and collects eggs. If anyone got caught running away they’d get whipped. The woman who helps people to freedom was Harriet Tubman.