Writing Assessment Topics

by L. Y.

1. Play Place
2. Bob
3. Book Report
4. George Rogers Clark

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. Play Place
By: L.Y.

TOPIC: Write a paper to convince people in your neighborhood or community to create a place for kids to play.

I think that there should be a place where kids can get out of the house, and get some exercise, but donít have to worry about getting hurt. It would be a community project, so it would be open to anyone who wanted to go there.

Sure it would take a lot of money, but thatís where the community comes in. They could raise enough money to get all the supplies. It would be a great place when we're done everyone could play in it.

It would not just be a place for kids. It could be a place for adults as well. It doesnít just have to be one main thing. It could be tons of things. It could be a place to go swimming, skating, club meetings, sports practices, and more.

Thatís why I think there should be a Play Place.

The End

2. Bob
By L. Y.

TOPIC: 8. Hats are worn in many cultures, jobs, and events. Pretend you are a hat. Make up a story about something that happens.
MODE: Imaginative

Well hi there. My nameís Bob. At least thatís what I say on me. Oh, your probably wondering whoís talking to you. Iím up here on the shelf. Oh and, I may as well tell you now Iím a hat. And if you want to go into detail Iím a fitted hat, and have the name Bob engraved in me.

Iíve been up on this shelf for ages. You say you want to know why no one wears me anymore? Well Iíll tell you. Itís a long story, but Iíll tell you.

One day, the day I was first used, I belonged to a boy named Bob. Thatís why I have his name engraved in me I guess. Anyway, He got me on his 9th Birthday. He was so glad he owned me that he wore me everywhere. His friends thought I was so cool. Then it happened.

It was on the day Bobby started football. He had to take me off to get his helmet on. So he just left me on the bench. I was just starting to understand the game when I felt a hand grip me. I knew right away who it was. It was that little Jimmy Perk. He was the only one who was jealous of Bob. Sure everyone else wanted me, but not enough to steel me from Bob.

Well I went home with Jimmy that night, but Jimmy had to lie and say he found me under a park bench. Then we went to Jimmyís room. Boy what a dump that was. He had no other place to put me but on this shelf, and since he couldnít wear me in public I was forgotten.

Then before you know it Jimmy is all grown up, and has a family of his own. Well I was passed on from generation to generation still staying on this shelf. So thatís my life story. What do you think?

3. Book Report

4. George Rogers Clark
By: L. Y.

Hi! My name is George Rogers Clark. Iím here to tell you about my self. I was born November 19, 1752, and lived until the year 1818. I was well over 6 ft. , had red hair. I am the second son of John and Ann Rogers Clark. In 1770 I was 18 years old when my little brother William was born. William would later be a leader of the Lewis and Clark journey.

I was a scout in Lord Dunmoreís war against the Indians in 1774. Soon the Revolution broke out.

I left Virginia in the summer of 1778 with 200 men. My goal was to drive the British out of the Ohio River Valley. That fall I captured several British forts along the Ohio River Valley without loosing any men. Then I heard that 500 British soldiers and their Indian allies ( friends ) were defending Fort Vincennes.

Now it was winter and the rains had made most of Ohio Valley into a freezing swamp. My men and I walked 180 miles in 18 days. Most of the time we walked waist deep through icy water. We held our guns and powder high above our heads so as not to get them wet and disabled.

Once we reached Fort Vincennes I divided my army into 20 parts. then they each held up their own flag so it would look like 20 different armies were attacking. The British surrendered at once.

I inspired my men to believe that they were unbeatable, and firing them with the wanting to go to battle. In my later life I retired to Clarksville.