Writing Assessment Topics

by A. V.

1. The Wedding
2. Prineville
3. Book Report
4. Mercy Otis Warren

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. The Wedding
by: A. V.

TOPIC: Tell a true story about a time a friend or family member did something unexpected or surprising.

One day we got a letter from my cousin. She said she was going to get married! She was wondering if my sister and I would like to be in her wedding. If we did I would be one of the flower girls (there were 2)and my sister would be one of the candle lighters (there were 2).

We called her up and told her that we’d love to be in her wedding. Her wedding was going to be in California. We had to make our own dresses, but that wasn’t hard. My dress was white and my sister’s was periwinkle blue.

We left on April twenty-first (the wedding was on the twenty-fourth though). the car ride seemed long, probably because we were going to meet my dad’s brother , his wife and his 2 girl’s.(we haven’t seen them for 2 years.) One of his girls was going to be the other candle lighter.

When we got to the hotel we found my uncle(it was a big hotel,) then we went out to eat. It was late so we all went to bed. The next day my uncle’s family and my family went on a wine tour it was boring.

The next day was the day before the wedding we went to the wedding lunches. That is ware I saw my other cousin (the other flower girl.) Then we went to the rehearsal with the whole wedding party at the church. Then that night there was a huge dinner we stayed up to about two-a-cock in the morning.

The next day was the wedding!Everyone was running everywhere because we got up at ten-a-clock and the wedding was at one. We ate a real fast breakfast then we went to the hair dressers then we came back and got dressed.

We all went to the church to take picture. Then everyone went inside the church,that is when I got nervous. Then the music started playing,the bridesmaids walked down the isle, then the ring bear, then it was the flower girls then the bride. We’d been standing there for an hour or more and it felt like it was 120 degrees the priest was even sweating. the other flower girl said “I think I’m going to faint.” I didn’t say anything. Then I turned around and saw her eyes roll back in her head. She was fainting! One of he bridesmaids caught her though.(was that unexpected or what!)

She was better in a few minutes though. They never finished saying their vows she fainted in the middle of them.

2. Prineville
By: A. V.

TOPIC: 1. Tell a true story that happened to you or someone you know that fits one of the following titles: “They All Laughed,” or “I’ll Never Do That Again.”
MODE: Narrative

This is a true story I’m writing about (It’s not funny). It takes place in Prineville.

One day my dad said that my uncle called, and said a bunch of our friends were going camping on August third (1996). he was wondering if we wanted to go too. My dad said yes. I couldn’t wait till August third. When it finally rolled around I was up at the crack of dawn (or maybe a bit earlier), but my mom and my dad were already up. The only one who wasn’t up was my sister (she gets up about noon).

When we got every thing loaded up and were pulling out of the driveway I said I forgot something (they must of thought something important). So I ran back into the garage and grabed my cat Areal (alive cat) and went back to the truck and said okay lets go. Unfortunately she didn’t get to go. My mom said she would burn her paws off and cats don’t like water. Then I threw my cat and said why didn’t you tell me there was water lets go!

The car ride was long and plus it was hot hot hot! That water kept on seeming farther and farther away. When we got there the lake seamed like an ocean. We asked if we could go in the swiming but my mom said we had to put the tent up before we could go in the water. Once we got all of the poles out (to put the tent up), my uncle and some other men were going out in the ski boat and wanted to know if we wanted to go too. My mom said we could go. My cosin said you guys are lucky you got saved by the boat, I had to help put up uor tent.

So we got our swimsuits and lifejackets on and got in there boat. I couldn’t wait to get out in the deap weter so we could jump in. My sister, my cousin, and I kept begging tmy uncle to go faster but it just made him go slower untill he stoped. I was standing up looking over at the water seeing how deep it was. My uncle said we couldn’t get in yet, I asked why and he said because.

I was just about to put my hand in the water when my cousin, my stuped cousin pushed me over the side of the boat. I went face first into the water, water in my mouth, water in my nose, my eyes. He didn’t even help me back in. he laughed. My uncle helped me back in. Then once I got back in the boat they all jumped in the water.

I’m never going to learn over the side of a boat again!

3. Book Report

4. Mercy Otis Warren

by A. V.

Mercy Otis was born September 25, 1728 in Barnstable Massachusetts.

Mercy Otis was a highly intelligent woman,though she received no formal schooling,but she managed to get somewhat of an education from her brother James Otis’s tutors. She had a talent for writing and became a poet and a historian of the revolutionary era. She also wrote several plays.

In 1754 she married James Warren who was a farmer and a merchant from Massachusetts After Mercy marred James Warren she kept her maiden name so she became “Mercy Otis Warren.”

In 1790 she published all of her poetic plays into a book and dedicated it to George Washington.

In 1805 she published a three volume book called the History on the Revolutionary War.

She became a counselor and an advisor to her brother and his friends when they were pre-revolutionary leaders.

Mercy Otis Warren died October 19, 1814 in the Plymouth.