Writing Assessment Topics

by J. K.

1. The day I became Link in Zelda 64
2. Adopt Homeless Pets
3. Book Report
4. Thomas Paine

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. The day I became Link in Zelda 64
by J.K

TOPIC: Think of someone real or fictional that you would like to meet. Make up a story about your meeting.

I was playing N64 one day. Then the power went off. I was having this dream about this person being kidnapped. When I turned around there was this man . I was surprised. When I woke up this fairy was talking to me about meeting the Deku Tree. I was thinking that name sounded familiar.

Well, I got out my tree and I saw this girl. She said, “ Hi Link.” I went down and talked to her. She said, “You have a fairy now you are a true Korkria.” Then she said, “Go talk to Mido.” So I went to the Deku Tree.

When I got there this boy was guarding it. I ask him to visit the Deku Tree, But he said I need a sword and a shield. I was getting a curious thought what if I went in the game and became Link?

I thought it was not possible, but anyway I found the sword in the forest and bought the shield. I talked to him and he let me pass. When I met the Deku Tree I relived I was in the game.

2. Adopt Homeless Pets
By: J.K

TOPIC: 6. Each year the animal shelter finds homes for thousands of animals that have no one to care for them. Write a paper to convince people to adopt a homeless pet.
MODE: Persuasive

People, buy a pet because each year thousands of pets, go to the animal shelter. People, if pets keep coming in they might have to kill or set some free. So dogs and cats will have to find their own food, but they might die of starvation. Some might even get run over by cars and some will be lonely.

Then you won’t be lonely as well, that dog or cat will love and cheer you up. You can even play with it too, you can play catch, but you have to take it to the vets and let it get shots.

So go get a dog or cat, you will do a favor, a favor for a dog or cat, you will do a favor for dogs and cats, and the kennels and yourself.

That way you will save dogs and cats lives for taking it in. Even you can make it look good by giving a bath and combing its hair. You also can name your pet. You will make dogs and cats happy.

The End

3. Book Report

4. Thomas Paine

Common Sense
Thomas Paine
By: J.K

Paine was a Englishmen who has just arrived in England. In January 1776, Common Sense was in the colonial bookstore the writer was a man named, Thomas Paine a newcomer to the colonies. In Paine writing he was talking about be coming Independent . Independent mean free from a person or be control by yourself not your master.

Paine said in common sense that King George was not a good king who helped the colonist. You could see in Paine’s eyes King George was a brute.

Paine also wrote in his book colonist should leave for America. They were not leaving nothing behind in the British Empire in other word Tis time to part. In three months 120,00 where sold. George Washington said “I found Common Sense is a working a powerful change in the minds of men.”

Paine was a famous pamphleteer. Paine was born in Thetford, England, on Jan. 29 1737. Paine family was poor and Paine got little schooling. Paine first wife died and he and his second wife were separated legally. Paine was poor and alone in 1774, but then he became friends with Benjamin Franklin who told him to go to America. This story is in Common Sense it says: In England a king hath little more to do than to make war and give away places. These are the times that tries men souls war tries men souls, people. They will not survive, but some will. War is Judgment Day

Thomas Paine was a editor of the Pennsylvania Magazine. Paine used media as a weapon against British rule.