Writing Assessment Topics

by B. K.

1. Quak Quak
2. My Role Model
3. Book Report
4. Martha Washington

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. Quak Quak
by B.K.

TOPIC: Tell a true story about a time a friend or family member did something unexpected or surprising.

When my mom and uncle were little, my mom was going on a horse back ride. My uncle came running down to the barn and asked if could go! My mom said it was o.k.

When they on the road close to the woods my mom said,’’there is a branch up in the woods,when we get there you need to duck.”

So when they got in the woods my mom said, ‘’there’s the branch!!!!Duck!!!!’’ But my uncle went QUAK QUAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He flew off with a huge big red bump on his forehead.

When they got home my grandma asked what happened so they told her the story.


2. My Role Model
by B.K.

TOPIC: 4. Think about someone who would be a good role model. Choose a person you know or know about, and explain what makes the person a good role model.
MODE: Explanatory

My role model would be Jennifer Love Hewitt{tv/movie star/. The reason is because when she was a little girl {about 9 yrs... old}she told her mom that some day she would bee a movie star someday, her mom said, “ YA RIGHT!’’

SO WHEN SHE WAS 11yrs.old she went to an audition for a TV show, they said no because she was to young for the part. After that day she kept going to auditions but the kept turning her down.

When she was 18 yrs.. old she audition for a show called , “PARTY OF FIVE.’’ She got the part,she played a girl named Julia. After 2yrs.. on the show people wanted her TV shows,music videos, and movies.

Today she stars in her own show, 3 music videos, and lots of movies. The point is you can do anything you put your mind on.

3. Book Report

4. Martha Washington

Martha Washington was born in 1732 in New Kent,Virginia. She never went to school. Like most girls she could cook, clean,sew,spin,weave,and embroider.

Martha was known for her beauty. At 18 years old she married Colonel Daniel Parke Custis, a wealthy planter. Colonel Custis was 13 tears older than Martha.

They had 4 children, 2 died at birth. Seven years later Colonel Custis died. The death of colonel made Martha one of the richest women in Virginia.

One year later Martha met George Washington. Know one knows were Martha and George met they might of met at a neighbors house. One year later Martha and George got married.

Martha hated being the first lady because she had to cook,clean,and watch the kids.

Many people called her Lady Washington,but she looked plain some people taught she was the maid.

In May 22, 1802 Martha Washington died.

the end