Writing Assessment Topics

by O. K.

1. The Good Friendship
2. When something terrible happened
3. Book Report
4. Betsy Ross

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. The Good Friendship
BY: O. K.

TOPIC: Tell a true story about a time a friend or family member did something unexpected or surprising.

Once there was two girls. They were very good friends, but one day. The oldest girl came over to the youngest girls house. It was on Christmas. The youngest girl got an easy bake oven for Christmas.

When I came over she was doing someone on the easy bake. She mix the cake mix and frosting. She was afraid to plug it in. The oldest girl said “What are you afraid of.”

The youngest girl said, “I am going to burn down the house.” The oldest girl said, “you wont burn down the house.” If you smell smoke the we can unplug it. The youngest girl said ok.

So she plugs it in and we smell and smell. Then the youngest girl smells inside the easy bake and she smells the light going agenst the meddle that smells, smells like smoke.

The youngest girl said “lets call the purfeshional.” The purfeshional was another girl younger than the youngest girl.

So she called her and she came over. Then we started to play Monopoly and the middle youngest girl started paying attintion to the you youngest girl.

I just played and just let time go on. I acted like I wasn’t there. So did the younger girl just did pay attintion like I wasn’t there, but finally I couldn’t take it anymore so I told her that I didn’t like it and I told her all this other stuff and know we are friends again.

We were in a fight for 6 days.

2. When something terrible happened
By: O. K.

TOPIC: 1. Tell a true story that happened to you or someone you know that fits one of the following titles: “They All Laughed,” or “I’ll Never Do That Again.”
MODE: Narrative

One day my brother and Nick were riding bikes. At that time we didn’t wear helmets because we lived at a dead end. So we didn’t ware helmets. Nick was riding his bike and my brother was walking on the road while Nick was riding his bike. I was at Amanda’s house. Then I had to go home. Nick was riding his bike. So Nick said to me and my brother to get our bikes. So I ran really fast to my house

I got there before my brother. So I got my bike and went without my brother. So my brother told my mom that we went to ride bikes. She said OK. I was already gone. So I went to the (left of our driveway) and rode there until I seen my brother.

Then I went and rode past my driveway. He saw me go past the driveway. He saw me go past. So then my brother just drove out of the driveway. There was a van of Mexicans.

They stop so they wouldn’t hit him , but then the driver just stepped on the gas and HIT him. I saw the van pass quite fast. So I went into the ditch and waited for the van to pass. So I did then I looked back he was on the road lieing, his bike was bent and I knew he got hit. My grandpa was working on the farm with my uncles they saw the whole thing. So he jumped off the tractor, but he jumped he turned it off. He ran to pick him up, and he puts him on the grass.

Well when I saw him lieing on the road. I jumped off my bike, and I ran to him. then I started running home screaming and crying at the same time. My mom came running out of the house asking what happened. I told her what happened.

She started running bare foot on the rocks, she ran out bare foot. there was a lady she was walking. She had a cell phone, so she calls 911. Then the ambulance came. My dad was coming home from work. He saw the commotion and Nick ran and told him that my brother got hit. Both my parents went with the ambulance. My brothers face was scratched on the right side and his head was injured. Now we have to ware helmets mom sayes.

My brother was in the hospital for a week. I came to visit him every day from after school until 10 o’clock at night or later at night that was a hard experience.

After the whole thing about a year later my mom was saying i over heard her saying that my grandpa shouldn’t have pick him off the road he could have been paralyzed. So thats good that he didn’t.

My brother was 5 years when he got hit. thank good ness my mom new CPR.
Thats my story of something bad happened THE END

3. Book Report

4. Betsy Ross

My Report on Betsy Ross

By: O. K.

Name:Betsy Ross
Famous for:Sewing the first American Flag
Type of person:Seamstress
Birthdate:On New Years Day (1752)
Birthplace:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Betsy Ross ran off and married a furniture upholstery man. The shop was on Arch street in Philadelphia. He also served in the Militia. One day while he was on guard duty, Ross was wounded by an explosion of gunpowder.

Shortly afterwards he died of his wounded, and Betsy was left to carry her husband’s business,to which she added flag making. Next Betsy married Captain Joseph Ashburn who was captured by British and put in prison.

He died in prison. Betsy Ross had 7 girls; two of them died in infancy. Betsy’s real name was Elizabeth Griscom for eight hours a day she was taught reading,writing, and received instruction on trade.

William J. Canby wrote a paper about Betsy Ross in 1870. Betsy Ross married three times.

George Ross, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and an uncle of Betsy Ross’s first husband, was a member of the committee. These men asked Betsy to make a flag according to the rough design they gave her.

George Washington wanted six- pointed stars in the flag, but the seamstress wanted him to make the stars five- pointed. But it is known that Betsy Ross was an official flagmaker for the Pennsylvania Navy. The stars- and - stripes design she may have sewed was adopted by Congress on June 14,1777.