Writing Assessment Topics

by D. J.

1. The Day I Met Dan Marino
2. The Runaway Hat
3. Book Report
4. Benedict Arnold

Writing Assessment, January 2000

1. The Day I Met Dan Marino

TOPIC: Think of someone real or fictional that you would like to meet. Make up a story about your meeting.

I was playing football at my house when I saw a teal and orange limo pulled in the driveway and stepped out and said “Is this Derek Johnson’s house? I want to meet him,” the man said.

“Are you Dan Marino,” I said.

“Yes,” he said.

“I’m Derek, your biggest fan,” I said.

“Yes I know that's why I’m here, I always want to meet my biggest fan,” he said, “I want to see what you are like and what you do ,” he said.

“Want to play Football,” I said.

“Sure,” he said.

So Dan through me long passes and autographed all my Dan Marino stuff and went home.

2. The Runaway Hat

TOPIC: 8. Hats are worn in many cultures, jobs, and events. Pretend you are a hat. Make up a story about something that happens.
MODE: Imaginative

Hi, my name is United Postal Service, but you can call me U.P.S. Oh I’m sorry I forgot to tell you what I am. I’m a hat that doesn’t like my owner. He’s worked in the postal business so long he’s gone postal. Well, we’ll see what happens this week of postal service.

“Today we go to the east side of town, hat,” he said. So we went to the east side of town in the worst U.P.S. truck you could ever see . This guy took it after it just got crushed by a 16 ton monster truck. But he likes it . On our way over to the east side of town I decided to slip off his head and run away. So I jumped out the window and ran away. But as stupid as this guy was he tried to chase me.

As you knew I would, I got away. I ran forever and went about 50 miles south and crossed the Montana boarder. I ran more and came to a Fed Ex (Federal Express) building. There, they sowed me up and said my name was Federal Express. Now my friends call me Fed Ex. My new owner is a nice reverent person.

3. Book Report

4. Benedict Arnold