by Z. A.

1. My Dog Seiko
2. My Cat Tiger
3. Book Report

Writing Assessment, January 2000

TOPIC: Tell a true story about a person or an animal that you will remember for a long time.

1. My Dog Seiko
By Z.A.

My dog is a Shiba Inu. A Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog. My dogs name is Seiko. Seiko is a girl dog. Seiko is also the name of a Japanese watch brand.

Seiko looks like a really cute fox. Itís a reddish light brownish color. Itís got long legs a little head (but sheís really smart) and medium sized body.

Seiko likes to do a lot of things. Iíll name some of them. She likes to chew on things, watch TV , chase her tail, make things squeak, run around the house at record speed, chase the cat and the goats, and lots of other stuff.

So thatís some information on my dog Seiko, and someday I might bring her into school.


2. My Cat Tiger
By. Z.A.

TOPIC: 2. Tell a true story about a time when you helped someone or someone helped you.
MODE: Narrative

Ch. 1 My cat Tiger
One day I went outside and there was a cat in our goat pin. He kept coming back so we called the people that owned the cat and asked them if we could keep hi cause he liked it here so much. They said it was ok because they where moving anyway.

Ch. 2 The Trip
One day we decided to go on a trip. We let Tiger stay home (we did name him Tiger). So then we left.

Ch. 3 Whereís Tiger?
In about 2 weeks we came back and the first thing I did was look for Tiger. The bad thing was that I couldnít find him. So I waited a few days and finally just forgot about him.

Ch. 4 Itís Tiger
One day ( about 2 months after I got back from my trip). My dad went out to our goat pin to feed the goats when he saw Tiger! Tiger looked all banged up and gross so we took him to the vet.

Ch. 5 Thatís gotta hurt!
Once we took Tiger to the vet he said, ďTiger was shot with a shotgun and still lived! heís very lucky. Of course itís bad also because now you have to feed him through a tube in his neck cause he cant eat through his mouth.Ē So we did that.

Ch. 6 still sick
Tiger is still sick now but heís much better and we donít have to feed him through the neck with that tube. he can eat but not very well, and thatís my true story so far of Tiger.

THE END or is it?

3. Book Report