My Favorite National Monuments

My Favorite National Monuments
Oregon Caves, Muir Woods, Craters of the Moon, Rainbow Bridge, Mt. St. Helens

Oregon Caves NM

1. Sign - Entering Oregon Caves National Monument

2. Chalet at Oregon Caves - tickets, bookstore, etc.

3. Cave Entrance with plaque: In 1909 President Taft proclaims Oregon Caves NM

4. Numerous calcite formations decorate the cave

5. "Banana Grove" - formations

6. "Grand Column" - stalactite (ceiling) joins stalagmite (ground)

7. Joaquin Miller Chapel - Poet writes of Marble Halls of Oregon

8. Paradise Lost - parachute-like formations

9. Cave Exit

10. Big Tree - 1000 year old douglas fir, 40 ft. circumference

11. Big Tree from a distance

Cave Tour Information

1. Sign - Muir Woods National Monument (NM) in California

2. Twin Redwoods - from a single base

3. Tree dedicated to Gifford Pinchot, pioneer of forestry

4. Cathedral Grove - in honor of John Muir, wilderness & conservation advocate

5. Burls on a Redwood tree

6. Redwood Creek originates high on the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais and flows to the ocean (near San Francisco Bay Area)

7. Redwood tree near Entrance, near Visitor Center

Muir Woods National Monument

1. Sign - Craters of the Moon, established in 1924; lava flows from the Great Rift Zone

2. Postcard - Craters of the Moon, with cinder cones and caves

3. Leaning tree on top of windswept Inferno Cone

4. Inferno Cone viewpoint, with Big Cinder Butte in the distance

1. Sign at Rainbow Bridge National Monument, near Lake Powell, Utah

2. My wife and I 'under the unique arch'

3. 'It's just water under the bridge'

4. The majestic sandstone arch, towering over 200 feet high

5. My daughter & her friends at the magical Indian site

6. Rainbow Bridge, a sacred Indian preserve (you can't walk under the bridge)

1. Mt. St. Helens, 19 years after the 1980 eruption

2. Viewpoint near the lava dome

3. 'I wish it was clear! Those clouds are blocking my view!'

4. After all the devastation from the eruption, new life is reappearing

5. Some day I hope to hike up to Windy Ridge and see the Lava Dome up close!

Presented by Teacher (Tr.) Paul J. Wigowsky
To Students of Class 1999-2000
February 26, 2000