EXPLORER OF THE NEW WORLD: Cristobal Colon (Columbus)

Christobal Colo (Columbus)
by AG

1st Voyage

Aug.3, 1492 - - I am Christobal Colon. The Queen of Spain gave me three ships: the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. I'm going to set sail. I'm Cristobal Colon. I can find a shorter route to India.

Oct. 11, 1492 - - We found land today. Indians greeted us there. The Indians were very friendly, but they have never seen steel, and cut their hand on my sword. There's gold here. I traded my sword for some.

2nd Voyage

Sep. 25, 1493 - - I'm setting out for my second voyage. I was put in charge of 17 ships. I have about 1,200 to 1,500 men coming.

Oct. 8, 1493 - - Today we landed. I named one island Marie-Galante. My men had a horrible fight. I'll be surprised if the survivors are still alive.

Oct. 10, 1493 - - Twelve out of seven of my men went back to Spain, to get more supplies. I also sent some men in search of a gold mine.

3rd Voyage

May 30th, 1498 - - This is my third voyage. This time I have six ships.

June 7, 1498 - - I finally reached an island I called Trinidad after eight days of storm.

July 31, 1498 - - Today we crossed the Gulf of Paria to the coast of Venezuela.

4th Voyage

May 9, 1502 - - Today I set sail with four ships. My son Ferdinand (about 14) will sail with me. At the end of July I reached the Coast of Honduras. For the rest of the year I sailed south of the coast of Honduras.