Henry Hudson (1565-1611)

By: RS
Written in the first person

I, Henry Hudson, am an explorer. I have made four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.

My first voyage took place in in 1607 to look for a Northeast passage to China. It went to Greenland and some islands just North of there

My second voyage occurred in 1608. It was a voyage to England and back.

My third voyage happened in 1609. Unlike my first two voyages who were sponsored by the Muscovy Company of England, my third voyage was endorsed by the Dutch East India Company. On board my ship, as mutiny brew among my crew, the weather became harsher and harsher. Using a map made by my very close friend John Smith, who now lived in a Virginian colony, I sailed Southwest across the Atlantic to explore the North American coast. I stopped in Newfoundland, Maine, and the New York Bay. Exploring the New York Bay, I found a broad river that I sailed down and found what is presently Albany, New York. This river had been discovered by Giovanni da Verranzano in 1524, but since I had sailed down it it became known as the Hudson River. I finally noted that the river did not Pacific Ocean, China, or Japan. I had failed.

My fourth voyage occurred in 1610. I spent three months with with low food supply looking for the Northwest passage. The winter weather was kicking in as the crew and I sailed further and further west. We could only hope that we wouldn’t be caught on ice. My crew mutinied. They sent one of my sons, my few still loyal crew members, and myself adrift in the icy waters of Hudson Bay. Nothing was ever heard from me or the unlucky people who died with me ever again.