EXPLORER OF THE NEW WORLD: Samuel de Champlain



Champlain was born in 1570. He was the son of a sea captain . He learn how to make map and he was a quartermaster in the French army. After the war he had a chance to sail for the New World so, he sail to the West Indies and Mexico. When Champlain got back to France in 1601 he wrote a book about his adventures. Explorers were reading about the book who were about to start a colony in North America so they can start another France. So they ask Champlain to be the official reporter of the expedition.

The stopped at a summer trading post at Tadoussac. The Montagnais Indians welcome them because they brought a member of the tribe who had been kidnapped by France. Then, with the Indians as guides Champlain sail the mighty St.Lawrence River and survive. The King of France wanted to set up a company at Acadia. He made maps and made friends w it the Indians. The Acadia was a failure so De Monts return to Quebec country a country and in 1608 the town of Quebec was founded. Champlain help the Montagnais, Algonquin, and Huron tribes try and defeat Iroquois New York tribe.

Champlain shot a shot led a Indian army and shot three Mohawk chief the Mohawk fled by the sound. In 1610 he married Helene Boulle. 1629 England and France were of war against the British and he was captured by England. Champlain became the governor of New France in 1633 Samuel De Champlain died December 25, 1635.

Bibliography - - information: Samuel De Champlain Book available at 91 School Upper Library