Ferdinand Magellan


Hi I am Ferdinand Magellen and I am here to tell you about,... well me. Ok, we will start of my life.

I was born in 1480 in northern Portugal. I served as a page in the Portugese court. In 1505 I sailed to India with Francisco de Aleidas.

I believed that there was a way around the americas. I led a fleat of five ships. Me and my crew started in 1519. In 1519 me and crew sent off to the bottom of the Americas.

I started with five ships. The ship that I led was named Trinidad aproximintly 110 tons. It held 55 men. A man named Juan de Cartagena led a ship that was 120 tons. It held 60 men. They named the ship San Antonio. A lad named Gasper de Quesedd led a ship named Conception. Conception weighed 90 tons and 45 men. Luis de Mendoza led a ship named Victoria. Victoria was 85 tons and held 42 men. A ship named Santiago was led by Juan de Serrano. Santiago was 75 tons and held 32 men.

Many many days went by while I was sailing the Atlantic, but one day me and crew saw land. Sialing down the land looking for a strait. The weather became so cold I was forced to stop for winter. Losing a ship in a storm. I set off again in the spring.

A ship chickend out and went back to Spain. I chose a strait. I found a new water. I named it “Pacific” meaning calm. In 1521 I reached the Philippines. I was killed protecting the local chief.

One of the three remaining ships burned down. there were only two ships left the Trinidad and the Victoria. When Trinidad sprung a leak the Victoria sailed the rest of the way around the world.