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Itís also known as the old dominion because it remained loyal to the crown during the English Civil War.

When the first English colonists arrived in the Virginia region, Indian tribes of three major language groups lived there.

The first Europeans who settled in Virginia were a group of Spanish Jesuits.

Raleigh and the queen named what is now eastern United States Virginia.

In 1609, Smith was injured and had to return to England. The following winter, so many settlers died from lack of food. Tobacco exporting helped save the colony by giving them a way to support themselves. By 1619 each free colonist had been granted land of his own. That year the Virginia Company send young women to become wives of lonely settlers. In the spring, the discouraged colonists started to leave Jamestown. They met Thomas west De la Warr at Hampton Roads. The ships brought supplies and new colonists.

After Lord DE La Warr returned to England, Thomas Gates and Thomas dale served as deputy governors. From 1652 until Charles 2 became king in 1660. The Virginia colonist were allowed to take almost complete charge of their own land. Sir William Berkeley governor from 1642 to 1652 had good relations with the colonist. But in 1652, Berkeley was forced to surrender Virginia to Oliver Cromwell, who had overthrown King Charles 1.

JAMESTOWN -- the Colony


Caption John Smith was born in 1580 in Willoughby, England. John left home when his father had died, and he went to help fight the Dutch.

Two years later he set off for the Mediterranean Sea, working on a merchant ship.

In 1600 he joined forces to fight the Turks.

He went to Jamestown and found people dying of the harsh winter and diseases were spreading everywhere. There were many Indian attacks and more people were dying. The Indians were hoping they would give up. Then more people were getting discouraged.

John became a war leader and tried to fight off the Indians. The Indians were angry and began stealing guns, blankets and other necessary supplies.