South Carolina

By J.K

The Indians who lived on South Carolina were Iroquois, Siouan, Muskogean, Algonkin, and Yuchi. These Indians live on Blue Ridge down through the rolling red-clay country called a Piedmont. When these Indians had a enemy they would attack at night. For games the Indians played Lacrosse. Lacrosse is played like this.

First you have two hoops then you can make deer-skin balls and to guard your hoop you can use sticks. The Indians never had a school. Because the Indians were afraid that the spirits would think that the Indians wouldn’t need them. So the spirit would take the children back to the spirit world. The Indians had beautiful faces until small pox came. Then it scarred their faces. Most of the Indians committed suicide.

John Cabot and his son Sebstian were sent by King Henry the 8 to explore the Carolinas.

The climate at South Carolina is humid sub tropical place except Blue Rigde. It’s humid continental place. There are more blacks then whites in South Carolina. South Carolina motto is... Prepare in mind and resources. South Carolina belong to Baptist denomination. The first school for blacks was open in 1740. South Carolina had abolitionist which are sorta like Quakers. Part of South Carolina was Georgia.