By: J. H.

Roger Williams was the man that founded the colony Rhode Island. He found the colony in 1636.

Rhode Island was known for the freedom it had. It was the first colony to have freedom and the first to stop permitting slavery.

The first permanent settlement in Rhode Island was Providence which is now the capitol city. The first to visit Rhode Island and William Blackstone was the first to settle there.

Rhode Island got most of its power and the useful things it produced from its producing grist mills and textile mills because of all the great rivers Rhode Island has.

In 1635 William Blackstone became the first white settler in Rhode Island , but Giovanni Verrazzana was the first to visit. Of course a year after that Roger Williams was sent by King Charles 2 with a royal charter to settle in Rhode Island.

Many of the religions that the free people could choose from were: Quaker, Puritan, Baptist, Anglicans, Jewish, Catholic, and Congregationalists. Even though the colonists had freedom of religion if they didnít go to church they would lose their voting rights and if you did something wrong the minister could throw you out. Back then the Minister was a little like a church king because he lived in the best house and could punish people for almost any reason.

Some of the clothes worn in the 17 century were: breeches, petticoat, night gown, slip shows, and jerkins which was a pullover that was sleeveless. Most of the men had short hair and wore wigs.

The furniture was much different then today the colonists used dual-function fire places which were about 8-10 feet wide and 4 feet high, a chest not for storage but for a seat and a table, and bed mattresses made of corn husks or anything else good for a mattress.


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