New Hampshire

By C.H.

New Hampshire was first settled in 1623. Just 3 years after the pilgrims settled.

New Hampshire has been known for the Granite State. John Smith found New England in the 1600ís.

He encouraged countrymen to come and live there. Most of the men who followed fought Indians and Frenchmen.

Noone knows who were the first Europeans to go to New Hampshire.

The French explorer Samuel de champlain landed on New Hampshire in 1605.

In 1614 Captain John Smith of England, landed on the isles of shoals.

In the 1620ís David Thomas and Edward Hilton made the first governor for New Hampshire.

In 1641 the Massachusetts colony gained control of New Hampshire.

In the 1680ís New Hampshire became a royal colony. Also King Charles the 2 of England sent John Cut to be the governor.

French and Indian allies battled to gain control of the area from the British.

Guided by Indians French forces pushed down from Canada.