Massuchusets Bay Colony
by D.J.

John Winthrop founded the Massachusets Bay Colony. The clothing people wore was sober and retrained. Jerkins wore sleevless pullovers, with a short slit at the neck in the front.

Donít think you could do anything you any thing you wanted. Massuchusets had disiplin too ya know. You have to go to church or you will banished and you wonít be able to come back to the church.

Boy I wish I had 1990ís furniture, the stuff back then was only a chest was used as a seat and a table.

I would not like to be a kid back then all they got to do was pretty much study the bible. Many people belived in devils.
People thought that devils turned people into witches. They also believed that witches gave people sicknesses.

Most puritains lived on eating corn. Indian corn was their diet. Corn was something everyone loved.

The houses were made of wood, or brick, mostly wood. Most people could not afford brick in Massachusets.

For entertainment people talked, went to shooting contests, and other sports. Usually they were working on the fields or in the house.

Well, I told you all about the Massuchusets Bay Colony. I'll see you in lots of yesterday's.

Pilgrims by C.P.

The May Flower brought us the first pilgrims from England to what is now Massachusetts where we found Plymouth Bay colony.

The ship reached Plymouth Bay on Dec. 26 1620. We were early English settlers of New England. We are the first group that landed at what is now Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620. We established Plymouth colony along Cape Cod Bay.

We were also known as separatists. We once belonged to the body of English protestants known as puritans. We pilgrims walked to church in groups for protection. Most of the men carried muskets to guard against attacks by Indians. A preacher with his bible was near the center of us.

We used a pillory to punish people. It locks the arms and head of a person between two wooden boards. Another device was the stocks for a persons legs. The pillory and stocks where used in the American colonies to punish persons who committed minor offenses. New Hampshire was first founded in 1623 by us the first pilgrims from New England and was one of the first original 13 colonies. We came to New Hampshire for religious freedom and starting are lives over. One the ships which brought us pilgrims to New Hampshire was called the Jonathans. Passengers were 10 white male men pilgrims.

by D.A.

The name of puritan was applied to any person who was numbered among the protestants in England. Puritans had one common idea. They held to a simple religious belief.

Most of the puritans wanted to purify churches . Some wanted to do away with statues and colored windows in churches and with religious music.

The religious beliefs of the puritans appeared in England in the late 1500ís. The name puritan was first used about 1566. They said their views on church and government came from the bible itself and from the practices of the early Christians.

For a long time all puritans were opposed by officials of the churches of England and also by the England governor which had supervision of religious affairs. Some of the puritans wanted to abolish the priesthood.

Some small groups completely broke away from the practices of the church of England during the reign of king James. The early separatist colonists opposed late puritans settlers who help different idea although the separatists had contended strongly for freedom or religious belief in England.