Delaware Colony
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Henry Hudson was probably the first white person in the Delaware region. Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States. The state bird is the, Blue Hen Chicken, state flower, Peach Blossom, the state tree, American Holly.

The members of the three country governing serve four-year terms. Delaware is the only state which countries are divided into hundreds. A hundred have no government of their own.

In 1664, England captured all New Netherlands plus the Delaware region. In 1638 the colony Delaware was formed in the middle. Delaware became independent in 1701. This colony was founded by William Penn. They elected a governor and assembly to make laws and to govern the colony.

Before the coming of the white men, the present state of Delaware was inhabited by tribes of the Leni-Lenape stock, later called Delaware Indians. Henry Hudson discovered Delaware bay and river from the Dutch in 1609. In 1682 William Penn took over Delaware countries.

In 1631 Dutch establish Zwaanendael near present site of Lewis. In 1638 Swedes founded the first permanent settlement Fort Christina (New Wilmington). In 1664 English seized Dutch territory on the Delaware for the Duke of York. In 1704 first separate General Assembly of Delaware met at New Castle.

In 1776 Delaware delegates signed the Declaration of Independence. 1777 “Betsy Ross flag to have been unfurled for the first time in a land battle at Coochs Bridge. In 1787 convention at Dover ratified the Federal constitution, and thats when it became the first state on December 7,1787.

Delaware was ruled for about eighteen years by governors appointed by Duke of York. The first settlement was made by Dutch in 1631. They built a brick fort at Zwaanendael (swanendael) on the Murder kill in Kent Country. This fort was burned and the colonist killed by the Indians early in 1632.

The Dutch were angry at the Swedes for settling on land which the Dutch considered their territory. within four-years, open conflict broke out. For twenty-two years, the colonies had the same governor and the same legislature.

In 1655 Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch governor of New Netherland, took possession of all New Sweden, But the Dutch held the Delaware territory only nine years. In1664 it passed into English hands along with New Amsterdam.

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Delaware Colony
BY: F. A.

Delaware is the second smallest state of the United States. Only Rhode Island has a smaller area. And only four states Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming have fewer people. Delaware lies close to many of the nation’s largest industrial cities. The Delaware River, and networks of canals, highway, and railroads, carry products from Delaware to Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D. C. America about 1638 by Swedes and Finns who settled near the mouth of the Delaware River. Log construction was already an established practice in Scandinavia and in other parts of Europe.

Wilmington, in far northeastern corner of Delaware is the state’s largest city. It is also the leading manufacturing center in Delaware. Wilmington’s history dates back to the 1630’s.

The state flag first appeared in its present from in 1913. It bears a shield with a sheaf of wheat, an ear of, corn, and an ox, all of which symbolize agriculture. Above the shield is a sailing ship. A soldier and a farmer support the shield. December 7, 1787 is the date seal was adopted in 1777 and has the same design as the flag. The dates 1795, 1847, and 1911 are years when changes were made.

The State Capitol is in Dover, the capital of Delaware since 1777. New Castle had been the capital since 1704. Land region Delaware has two main land regions. These region are the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Piedmont.

Delaware became the first state on December 7,1787. On that date, it ratified the U. S. Constitution, the first of the original 13 states to do so.

Indian days two tribes of Algonquin Indians lived in the Delaware region when white explorers first arrived. The Lenape tribe lived along the banks of the Delaware River. The Nanticoke lived along the Nanticoke River. By the mid - 1700’s, white settlers had forced most of the Indians out of the region.

The Delaware Water Gap is a scenic gorge that separates New Jersey from Pennsylvania. The Delaware River carved this gorge in the Kittatinny Mountains millions of years ago.

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By N. A.

Delaware was the first state. The population is 666,168 million. It is 2,489 sqare miles. It became state on December 7, 1787. Delaware is named for Lord Delaware, or also named known as De La Warr, who was the first governer of Virgina. Henery Hudson discovered the Delaware Bay but the river was to shallow so he didn’t make it in 1609. The Dutch made the first settelment in 1631.

The Dutch made a brick fort at Zwaanendael. the fort was burned down and the colonists were killed by the Native Americans early in 1638. Swedes made the first permanent in 1638. The swedes founded the New Sweden were Wilmington is now located. Wilmington is the largest city along side the Delaware River and across New Jersey.
The colony grew northward as far as the site of Philadelphia across the Delaware River into where now is New Jersey. The Finns were also prominent in the early history of Delaware. Dutch were angry at the Swedens because the Swedens thought it was their land but it really was the Dutch’s land. After four years later the Dutch and the Swedens started to fight. IN 1655 Peter Stuyvesant, became the Dutch government of New Nether land and took possession of all New Sweden.

The Dutch held Delaware territory only for nine years. In 1664, it passed to English hands and along with New Amsterdam. Delaware was ruled for only eighteen years by the Duke of York.