By L.Y

Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut in 1636. The Dutch were the first to explore Connecticut. They set up trading posts, but Hooker was the first to stay.

Connecticut included colonists and Native Americans. Connecticut’s economy included trade and growing crops. Charles 1, forced Hooker to close the church .

Since Hooker couldn’t preach anymore he began to teach school, but the Puritans still ran him out. So he ran to Holland. The climate in Connecticut is colder than England’s, but it’s summers are mild. Connecticut was one of the first colonies to have a constitution.

The land in New England was divided into big parts called “town ships.” The whipping post was usually in front of the meeting house. Next to the meeting house there was a big building called the Sabbath House.

The Sabbath House was divided in half, one half was a stable; the other half a big room with a fire place.

If they cussed or got drunk they were caught and punished in public. Some of the New England clothes were Jerkins and Doublets.

The Jerkins might have been like a sleeveless pullover, with a short cut in the neck (collar).

The doublets open all the way down the front, and are held together with hooks, eyes, loops, and points. Leather pants were baggy and were made from deer hide or sheep skin. They were worn so much that a specialist made them.

Families often sat together and talked. Friends and other people took turns visiting each other. Kids would make kites and fly them in the spring.

In the winter they would make ice skates out of bones and skate on frozen ponds or streams. They also played with dolls, and liked games like hopscotch, leap frog, and marbles. They also had some story books.

They had some popular games like foot racing, horse racing , and ball games. After they were done building a house they would have a party with dancing, shooting contests, and some wrestling matches.