Gone with the Wind by Alethea B.

Part 1

From the Pages 1-254 The main characters are SCARLETT, Ellen, Gerald, Ashley, Melanie, Charles, Aunt Pitty, and of course the awful, the horrible, and the mean Rhett Butler!!

Scarlett O’ Hara is a beautiful, spoiled teenager, who uses the knowledge her mother gave her to be a lady. She also has the power to attract men, and then dump them, so she can move on to the next like a cat would its food. The men. Empty headed as they are, swarm around her like flies in a honey jar. But even though she has all the men in her little pocket, she wants on man, on man that isn’t in her grasp, one man that didn’t seem to love her as the others did. And that man was Ashley.

At hearing about Ashley’s marriage with his cousin Melanie, Scarlet flies into the depths of despair. She had to have Ashley! She simply had to! So on the night before the wedding was announced Scarlett devises a way to try to get Ashley back. And what do you think she does? She uses her only power, which was to attract men, and then possibly she might receive Ashley’s attention. Then when he was alone she would have a word with him.

Scarlett was sure this plan would work tomorrow at the barbecue, and was again led to the depths of despair when Ashley pays no heed. She tried frantically to bring his attention upon her, stealing every one of the girls’ men, but it didn’t work. In her panic Scarlett was extra nice to Charles who fill madly in love with this chattering witch.

Also in the depths of her despair she sights a man, a man cleanly cut in a black suit and tie, a man with a flashing white smile, a man horrible in every way, a man named Rhett Butler. Since Scarlett could not receive Ashley’s attention she used Plan II, and finally got Ashley’s attention alone in the private library. In doing so Scarlett wails over herself and told Ashley again & again that she thought he loved her. Ashley tries to soothe her, but she slaps him in the face, and quickly sinks into horror, throwing a glass ornament at the bookshelves of the library. In doing so Rhett slowly appears to fill Scarlett with rage. This man had watched her slap Ashley!!

Scarlett informed him that he was no gentleman & he in turn informed her that she was no lady.

That was the start of her hatred toward Rhett Butler. In the frenzy of being watched when she slapped Ashley, and having the only man she loved become married, Scarlett, herself married Charles, hoping Ashley would become jealous. Sadly, the marriage was a false and left her a hungry widow, and a mother. Charles had received the measles and died before facing the army, and Scarlett became a mother of one little boy. Her life was miserable she couldn’t go dancing, or attract men anymore. She had to watch all the other girls have fun, while she had to wear black, and “ morn” for her husband’s death.

Scarlett mother, and father were worried for Scarlett and sent her on various places trying to bring back her joy. This plan did not succeed till they sent her to Atlanta, to stay with Melanie & Mrs. Pitty. Scarlett loved Atlanta, but writhed Melanie. Melanie took the only man she loved away from her, and Mrs. Pitty wasn’t that great either, but Scarlett decided she could sacrifice for the dear town of Atlanta.

Everyone in Atlanta at that point of time bustled to give everything for the Cause, or things to help the war. Scarlett cared nothing for the war, still she hid her true feeling behind her black mourning cloak. One thing she did crave for was dancing, and in the second meeting with Rhett Butler she met her goal…

Rhett met Scarlett again at a party held to raise money for the Cause. One of the events to raise money was for the men to bid money on a dance with a girl. Now Rhett bided a large amount of gold for Scarlett, and that my dear reader was the start of Scarlett’s rowdiness of being a widow…


Gone With the Wind by Alethea B.

Part 2 p. 254---660

I believe last time I left off Scarlett was just starting to be a menace in the process of being a widow. Yes, well while Scarlett was breaking “rules”, the war wasn’t going to well. Reports showed that there had been some awful fight at Gettysburg. That was all Atlanta heard, for the mail had ceased to be sent, and Atlanta had no idea what was happening. Scarlett and Melanie stayed at the newspaper offices all day to hear news of Ashley. What if Ashley were dead, like so many of the other men of the South?

The lists finally came up and luckily, Ashley was not among those who died. But, Alas, many people around them had lost brothers, husbands, cousins , uncles, and sons. That was what passed through Melanie’s head, but Scarlett was just thinking that Ashley was safe, her dear Ashley! Her love for this man rose two levels higher from the fact that he was coming home in Atlanta for Christmas. Yet she fell back into the depths of despair not having a single moment of him alone, except on the last day. This was the day she was waiting for… No, the moment she was craving.

She managed to press out Ashley’s love for her by making him kiss her. But his final words were not of her but of his wife Melanie. Ashley made Scarlett promise him to take care of Melanie. Fragile, dear, Melanie. Scarlett had to promise, she would do anything for Ashley.

Old Joe and his men were between Atlanta and the Yankees, soothing the people of Atlanta. Scarlett, although in her widowed state, had to help at the hospital bandaging, sick men that made her skin crawl. All this for the glorious cause! Scarlett hated the cause, hated the war. All the war did for her was make her a widow, a mother, and a helper at the hospital. Yes, Scarlett hated the war there was no doubt about that.

But when Ashley appeared “missing-believed captured” on the lists she fell into depression, she and Melanie. But Melanie had hope, for she was going to be a mother and having the son of Ashley would at least comfort her if he were dead. This fact brought Scarlett into greater depression, and to make matters worse Old Joe kept retreating, leading the Yankees closer to Atlanta. In fact, they were at Jonesboro, trying to destroy the railroads, and Tara was only five miles from Jonesboro.

What really made Scarlett depressed was the fact that Gerald sent letters telling her that both her sisters and her Mother had typhoid so not to come to Tara for fear she got it. How could Scarlett’s mother have it? How could her darling Mother who was a doctor herself have it?

Scarlett wanted to leave to Tara but Aunt Pitty was leaving to Macon and Melanie could not go in her late condition of pregnancy. Melanie begged Scarlett to stay with her, which Scarlett did reluctantly, for you must remember her promise to Ashley. After Aunt Pitty was safely in Macon the first days of siege on Atlanta started. Bombs fell crashing into the streets of Atlanta. Wade was terrified, bringing irritation to Scarlett’s depression. Why was she Scarlett O’Hara stuck in this storm with a women in labor and a child of terrorization.

Everyday Scarlett lay frightened when Melanie’s child would come. She had no one to turn to! Except maybe Prissy, but that was not enough. Finally the day of terror came. Scarlett herself had to go to the doctor , because the most dependable Prissy couldn’t. The doctor obviously could not help her. He had plenty of sick men on his hands, to even dream of helping Scarlett. So Scarlett ran out of the hospital. Out of the sick hands gripping at her dress. Out to terror. Out to Melanie.

Scarlett herself had to do the procedure of the doctor, since Prissy lied on her knowing the procedure. It was awful, but it was finally over after hours of exaction. Then Scarlett remembered what had raised her terror before

THE YANKEES WERE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could she have forgotten?! She had to get out! Out of the bombs and fire…by gosh they would send fire to the house. She had to get to Tara! She had to have a carriage and a horse. Someone must not have fled! Someone must be left in this horrible world. And that someone was Rhett Butler.

Hurriedly she sent Prissy after him. Sluggish Prissy, who she gave a gruesome push for great speed. Then Scarlett started packing till she thought of Melanie. How could she forget! Sick, Weak, Melanie who just had a child. What… how would she move her to the carriage? Scarlett wouldn’t think of it, she would think of it later.

Finally when it seemed like hours Rhett came with an exhausted horse and a tiny buggy. With the sight of the tools he picked, Scarlett hopes fell. How would they ever fit everyone in? But somehow they did. Melanie, the newborn child, Prissy, and Wade in the back, and Scarlett with Rhett in the front .

Out of Atlanta they drove, the Yankees and fire behind them. Any second they might become kidnapped by Yankees! Those horrible blue coats and beer-stained breath might hurt them. All these things could happen, but not with a strong men as Rhett Butler at the wheel.

Scarlett was grateful to lift the her weighty burden on to this man’s shoulders. For once she felt safe, safe of the Yankees, safe of the…

Scarlett may have thought that this man would stay and keep the weighty burden she set on his shoulders. Well if she did think that way, she thought wrong. When they were in safe distance from Atlanta, Rhett stopped the horses to rest, and then he did to her what many men wouldn’t do to a women, he wouldn’t do it to any other women, he knew.

Rhett told Scarlett that she could drive the rest of the way to Tara. He knew she could do it, he knew she was strong. So saying that, he left to join the army. For at that moment he hated the Yankees, and he felt unpatriotic not to join his Southern companions. To just leave a lady like that in the middle of nowhere!

So Scarlett was left alone to drive to Tara all by herself. Somehow after crying and saying oaths to Rhett, she gathered her courage to drive all the way to Tara. How hard she worked on those hard muddy roads! How hard she tried to make it there!

And she did.

Somehow in someway she did, dragging a huge cow behind her, which Prissy had found when looking for water at a rest. And when she had passed burned houses on the way, she ran to Tara into her fathers arms. Tara still standing…Tara not burnt.

Scarlett came home to find more trouble and sorrow. Both her sisters were dreadfully sick and her dear…dear mother had died. Her father wasn’t himself and kept forgetting her mother had just died. Most of their “Negroes” were gone, all except faithful Mammy and two others. Scarlett also had Melanie, Wade, Prissy, and Melanie’s child to deal with. She had come home to be taken care of ,and in return she became the person who cared. They had no food, and the Yankees had taken most of their possessions.

Scarlett knew that she would have to work hard to get Tara back…work very hard as hard as-as her own “Negroes” had worked. She knew that she would have to pick cotton herself, doing hours of back straining work. She knew she would have to be mean and vicious in order to accomplish anything. But somehow someway she would do it, and at this fact Scarlett vowed that she Scarlett O’Hara would never go hungry again…


Scarlett did all the things she knew she was going to do. And with her head held high Tara survived, but just barely for many a time soldier would come in the house for the want of food, and willingly she fed them, all of them. She even let them sleep on her dear mother’s rug. That wasn’t the worst; the worst was when the Yankees came. They were fortunate them for then their grand neibor, they were thankfully had someone living by them, brought them news that the Yankees were coming.

Scarlett hurriedly told everyone to bring the animals they had into the swamp, so the Yankees wouldn’t take them. Only one animal brought by Prissy, was failed to be brought, for she failed out of terror. While all were saving their possessions, Scarlett stood up to the Yankees, Wade at her elbow, for he wouldn’t leave his mother, and Melanie’s child in her arms with the only money they had stuffed in its diaper. The Yankees destroyed everything. And Scarlett watched it all happen, her own home destroyed before her eyes.

When they took her little Wade’s saber that was her husbands, she couldn’t stand it any longer and begged them to give it back, which they did only to leave, and set fire to the kitchen. Scarlett hurried to stop the fire, setting down the children and rushing towards the fire slapping it with rags. Then Melanie was beside her slapping with her. Brave Melanie. Melanie had shown her courage once before when a lone Yankee soldier came into the house, and Scarlett had killed him with Charles Hamilton’s Pistol.

Melanie was still sick and weak then, but she came rushing down after all the harm was done with a saber, willing to kill the Yankee. Both she and Scarlett had cleaned him up and buried him. That’s where their only money came from, a wallet in the Yankee’s pocket. From that moment on Scarlett saw bravery in Melanie and her level of hatred decreased a little. Dear Melanie had now helped her in two Yankee situations.

And then there was Will, a sick soldier that came into Tara, who was nursed back to life. Peg-legged Will was someone Scarlett could always talk to. Everyone could talk to him. Will helped Scarlett with all her problems and slowly her weighty burden came to rest on Will’s mighty shoulders. He knew all about trade, and now that the war was over, he could go to town without being afraid of getting captured by Yankees.

So life was hard but pleasant. The only thing that horrified Scarlett was the fact that they had to regain the cotton burned when the Yankees came. There were also the times when Aunt Pitty, who had moved back to Atlanta, begged for Scarlett and Melanie to come.

Then one day when all were sitting around one summer afternoon, Melanie suddenly ran out to meet an oncoming soldier.

IT WAS ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Scarlett tried to run after him, but Will pulled her back. “There was understanding and pity in his eyes.”

p. 516


So life went on and no major problems came up till one day, Will came in from trading, he went straight to Scarlett and asked her how much money they had. She told him and he in return told her that it would not be enough, for they must remember the dreadful word taxes. Scarlett remembered the time when the awful Yankee owner next door came in and was going to ask for Tara, when Scarlett had screamed awful remarks at his Southern wife, Emmy Slattery, for killing her mother, by giving her Emmy’s desease.

She could not let that awful man buy the house when they had to move out, because they hadn’t paid the taxes. She had to do something, and then she thought of Ashley. Her dear Ashley, splitting rails outside. Ashley would know what to do! So thinking this, she ran outside to where Ashley was working. When he saw her Ashley, stopped his work, and leaned against his ax. Scarlett told him straight out her problem. He looked at her, his pale eyes telling nothing and said quite confidently that he could not help her.

Once he had said those words, Scarlett rushed at him with her love. And so being that his guard was not on for her usual outbursts, they fell kissing. Realizing his actions, Ashley leaped back and put his hands on Scarlett’s shoulders. Then he told her words that made her shudder. Words so strong, she pushed away. He said he loved her he could not deny it, but he would not run off with her with a wife and child. Yes, even if he didn’t love Melanie, he was loyal. Loyal…

Scarlett looked at him and walked away straightening her shoulders as she walked. Yes she Scarlett O’Hara would never love again. She would stay locked with Tara till her dying day, and would do as many horrible things as she liked to keep it.


Scarlett ran straight into her mother’s office. For always did she love to feel the presence of her mother. How would she get the tax money? How would she save Tara? She had to think of something. Something only a genus of her time would think. But what?! Maybe she could borrow money, that’s it. But who was rich enough to lone? All the people she knew hardly could pay for taxes themselves! She must know someone! Someone…Someone incredibly rich… That’s it! It’s perfect! He’s the perfect man! Now what would she wear she couldn’t just wear, her cotton dress.

Scarlett sighed, casting herself into her mother’s lemon flavored curtains. Those curtains were so soft and beautiful. OH imaging herself in a dress made of them! But that wasn’t possible, or was it? Yes, it’s perfect she thought. And just as that thought toppled out of her head Mammy walked into the room. Good’ol Mammy…

After arguing a few minuets, it was decided that Scarlett would make the dress. Everyone of the women was excited on finally having the chance to make a magnificent dress. Everyone was excited except Scarlett, for she had looked into the mirror, and to her horror she realized she was not the beautiful dancing girl she was two years ago. What if Rhett didn’t think she was pretty? She had to have style and flare, for it took a lot of a man’s heart to get money. And that one word money was what she needed. She could do it. She knew she could, if she killed a Yankee she was sure she could get money from Rhett.

So on to Atlanta she went, with Mammy trailing behind her, for they had agreed that Mammy could come with her if she could make the dress. Aunt Pitty was delighted to finally have Scarlett come, but she comely inquired about Melanie, which some how Scarlett traveled through nicely by asking Aunt Pitty the news lately. Aunt Pitty, loving the opportunity to talk, told Scarlett all the news including that of Rhett. Rhett was now in the county jail, for killing a black man of uppity to a lady.

On the hearing of Rhett Scarlett fell into a lapsing and unrelaxing silence. Rhett in jail! How would she ever get the money?! It took only moments for Mammy to know something was wrong, Pitty on the other hand took minuets to even think anyone was not listening. Once she found out though, she firmly told Scarlett that she must be sick, for there was no color in her face. None at all, and it would be such a Pity that she couldn’t come to a wedding she was going to the next day, Oh but Mammy must come. Yes she must.

Mammy sent Scarlett straight to bed. Scarlett glorified in her happiness. It was perfect, just perfect! Oh how glad she was that her face drained. For if it hadn’t , she wouldn’t have this grand opportunity to see Rhett. Yes she would travel the roads to the hospital, she would. Even if she had to walk the whole way! She would get ready as soon as Pitty and Mammy left.

And she did. It took her over an hour to put on all her things and make herself look presentable. When done she started walking, for it would be a long walk to the bench where she would wait for an oncoming wagon to pass by. When she got there, she waited over thirty minuets , till finally a wagon pulled up. It was driven by a indignant old lady, who was going into town. On hearing that Scarlett wanted to be dropped off in the town square, her indignant grew, but willingly enough she drove Scarlett there.

Scarlett soon realized what had cause the old ladies indignant. The square was full of Yankee soldiers, everywhere were there blue tents. But that wasn’t all the squares were full of black people also. How dare they be in Atlanta?! All of them, their slimy ways and mean presence! How dare they?!

Scarlett picked up her skirts and walked straight into the prison. A Yankee soldier stopped her and inquired upon where she was going. Once told, he took her to another Yankee officer who lead her inside. Why… Why… the Yankees were nice!!! But… But… That Yankee took her to another officer, who she told that Rhett was her brother, and that she wanted to see him. He led her into a room full of Yankees, one of them called to her and informed her that she was O another one wasn’t she? Another girl. Another girl who had seen Rhett?! But he also informed her, that he wouldn’t see her. You know the other girl.

Well that was reishering , at least he still was sweet on her and would ask her hand in marriage. That was what she had planned all along. Married for money. Well if she couldn’t marry him, she could surely borrow money. Money… the thick word was so sweet in her mind. Soon she would get it… Money.

The Yankee that ran to see if Rhett would see her came back with Rhett behind him. He laughed as he came in, Scarlett knew he was laughing on the fact that she had said she was his sister. She looked nervously at him and the Yankees knew she wanted to talk with him in a separate room, which the granted to her without much trouble.

Once in the room, she started her show. It went rather well. She knew he was at the point of proposing when he saw her hands. Her hands with blisters all over them from hard work! She pulled them back, but she knew he had seen them. He wanted to know the truth. The truth, the hardest part to tell. But she told it. And rather well, she even managed to tell him why she had come, since she knew he wouldn’t marry her now. Now that he knew the truth. She thought she had almost gotten the money, when he told her horrible words. Oh horrible words. He couldn’t give her any money, for if he did, the Yankees would track him down of where the money was. That was the only reason he was alive now. They were trying to track his money.

At those horrible words Scarlett, ran. Out of the prison… Out of the horrible memories of the old house and the people who lived there, what was now the prison. Out to Aunt Pitty and Mammy. And to Mammy she came, Mammy with a sour face of an onion on, at Scarlett’s plan. But she was home. She was home, but she needed money, now not sweet ,but sour, oh if only she could have money. She had to think of something, she had to.

And she did, two words. FRANK KENNEDY, her sister’s beau. But even if her sister did marry him, she would never send money home. For Frank Kennedy had spent years trying to get money to marry her sister, and he did have money, just enough to pay the taxes that Scarlett needed so badly. Scarlett would get the money, she knew what she had to do, she knew her sister would hate her, but at least she would have it.

The plan she devised for it, was to marry Frank, it was the only way. She had to do it fast in two weeks. But somehow with all that Scarlett had gone through, she could do this.

And she did.

To be continued

Gone With the wind

Part #3

p. 660-1037

In the last book report Scarlett just married Frank for money...

Right after the ceremony, she quickly sent the money needed for Tara. Frank was surprised at her sudden bossiness, for this was not the Scarlett he had married. He had married a girl that could not handle talk of man, a fragile girl who thought him very strong and manly. But now she had become the head of the house. And to make matters worse she had asked for money! A women asking for money! It was absurd! It was impossible!

After she became the boss of the household, Scarlett’s quick sharp green eyes sought out ways to make money. One day when Frank was sick in bed with a cold, she went into the store to look at the books, quickly persuading the counter boy that she was doing her duty. When she had just sat down to look at her husband's poor tradesmanship, Rhett Butler walked in. Scarlett had not seen Rhett since the horrible day of misfortune. He mocked her, and told her calmly that she could have waited till he was out of jail for the money but no, she had to marry someone she didn't even love for money. Scarlett calmly forbade Rhett to ever come to the store again, and mock her wise discussions, that she thought wise.

Scarlett saw that her suspicions were confirmed that Frank had loaned hundreds of dollars to people, and not the sums he told her he had loaned. So that night, Scarlett ordered Frank to collect the loans they needed in order to buy the mill. For Scarlett was not satisfied with the money they had already and wanted more.

Finally, after much complaining, the job of collecting the loans was completed, and the mill was purchased. Scarlett felt that it was her inner duty (dharma) to become the head of the mill, since Frank was already head of the store. And so it came to pass that Frank's wife rode around every day to the mill and back, selling lumber as she went along and making a complete trail of gossip for people to follow behind her. Yes, Scarlett was one gossip always turned to, and to make things worse, she didn't even care if the people gossiped about her; in fact, she liked the attention. Frank, on the other hand, had no satisfaction of hearing other women gossip about her. He complained thoroughly every night that she was making a nuisance of herself.

Scarlett paid no heed to Frank opinions. So she proceeded to drive and sell lumber at her mill. You see, she was making money by running a mill all by herself. No women before had ever done anything like what she was doing. She was just as good as any man. In fact, she was better, for she even sold more lumber than the men in the trade did. This made them hate her for her efficiency, but not only just the men hated Scarlett, but the women also. She wasn't invited to any parties or even to anyone's house. No one liked her; no one wanted to talk to her.

Frank was very displeased that no one would invite him to anything, for he was liked by all, and he liked all. Frank knew it was Scarlett's fault for running around like a wild horse, and not just staying home like all the other women. He begged her to have a child, for the thought of having children appealed to him, and he thought it might calm Scarlett down and change her into the womanly figure he used to know.

Scarlett didn’t want any more children, in fact, quite the contrary. But Frank kept begging till his wish came true, and Scarlett found she was with child. This did not have the effect Frank had hoped it would. Scarlett kept visiting the mill, even in her state. This created even greater trail of gossip for people to follow. How dare she even show herself in her state?! She should stay home like proper women would! Not run around town doing a man’s job!

Scarlett tried not to listen to what the people in town were saying, but in her hearts of hearts she felt like she had betrayed the one person in the world she had loved the most. The one person that would have comfort her… the one person that was the greatest lady there ever was, the one person that was now dead. Why did her dear mother have to die? Why did she leave her in this world just to become a horrible person? Oh, if only she had listened to Ellen’s teaching! If only she was the great lady Ellen wanted her to be. But she once she had enough money she would be the best lady there ever was! That would give the town something to gossip about!

Nothing new happened in the town of Atlanta, until one cold and windy day. Scarlett was at home with Frank when all of the sudden there was a knock at the door. It was Tony, an early playmate of Scarlett from Tara. He was splattered with mud and breathing heavily. Immediately he asked for a new horse, and money.

Scarlett demanded to know what happened and he quickly told her while Frank fetched the supplies. Tony had killed or injured a black man, and killed another man. He hurt the black man who was drunk, and about to touch his sister Sally. Tony knew the person who had given the black man the idea that he could do whatever he wanted. It was that horrible Yankee owner that let the man into his sister’s house. Immediately, with Ashley’s help, he killed the Yankee owner. Ashley! And after that Tony ran away to Scarlett, because Ashley had told him that Scarlett would help him.

Scarlett knew she would have to help Tony if Ashley sent him! Of course Tony was always one Scarlett liked, and she knew she could do this one thing for him. And she did. She sent him on his way with a good horse and money, she and Frank. Frank for some odd reason had taken Tony’s incident rather calmly. Scarlett marveled how he could do such a thing. It was so exciting, yet horrible. Now since they had helped Tony, the Yankees would track them down. If the Yankees found them, they would have to go to jail, or worse be hanged. Scarlett couldn’t imagine herself in jail, much less being hanged.

But although Scarlett fretted, the Yankees looked, but did not find them guilty. Scarlett wished she could tell the people of Atlanta the good deed she had done. Maybe if they knew they wouldn’t have so many hard feelings about her for succeeding at the mills. But no one knew. No one except possibly Ashley, and Melanie. Still everyone hated her, no, loathed her. For what? Doing man’s work, and going outside in her pregnant state.

But that wasn’t all. Scarlett now started a new horrible thing that the town gossiped about, talking to Yankee women. She had to talk friendly with the Yankees and their wives. It was the only way to make the money she was making. The Yankees bought tons of lumber, and she just couldn’t be mean to them if she sold lumber to them. And besides it wasn’t like she could go into their homes in her state. She merely stayed in her wagon with her great driver Uncle Peter, Pitty’s driver and a wonderful dark man. But that was the problem. One day when she was talking with the Yankee women, they happened to notice poor Uncle Peter.

They started making fun of him calling him names, just because he was Black. You see the Southerners weren’t the only ones that were racist, in fact they weren’t as racist as the Yankees. They liked their Mammies and drivers. They trusted them, but yet they still considered the black people lower than themselves. The Yankees though, the Yankees were a different matter. They let the black people free, but still they thought them as dogs. Uncle Peter had never been made fun of and he told Scarlett that he would not be her driver any more. So Scarlett from then on had to drive the carriage by herself.

Yet, still, out of all the people that hated her, there was one person that she could talk to. One person that only laughed at her problems; one person that she realized she couldn’t help liking. And that one person was Rhett Butler. Rhett understood Scarlett, Rhett picked up Scarlett and drove her since good old Uncle Peter wouldn’t drive her any more.

As I said before Rhett understood Scarlett, he helped her solve all her problems, and explained things to her that she did not understand. He was truly kind despite all the bad things said about him. The town hated him as they hated Scarlett. And he like Scarlett didn’t care. They thought he was a Scallywag, or a liar. Mostly they thought this because he associated with Yankees and made money as fast as you can say “that’s the money I want. “ Perhaps the town was really jealous of him for his money. He spent it on himself, instead of helping other people. But even if he would give it to other people they wouldn’t take money from him.

Also he stayed at the Belle Watling’s house, the most disrespected person in Atlanta besides Scarlett, in fact more than Scarlett. Scarlett didn’t do the things that “ Watling creature” did. Belle dyed her hair and built a huge machion from Rhett’s money. But the worst was that she owned a saloon and that she was a coarse lady. And Rhett lived with her, lowering his level on the “food chain”. That is why Rhett and Scarlett got along, they both were not liked, but they both meant well.

So life went on until a day of sadness. It was a day where Scarlett wondered how she could have ever left Tara. A day where she wished she hadn’t left at all. And on this particular day, Will sent a letter to her that had one short sentence. A miserable sentence of depression, for the sentence read: Gerald is Dead.


Scarlett went to Tara all by herself. Her father dead? She couldn’t imagine Bellow Faced Gerald dead, “the Gerald that gave her a five-cent piece when she cried” (from the book ) The Gerald that she knew and loved . . . now dead.

The first person that Scarlett met at the train station was not Will, but an old friend of hers that lived in the country. He told her he was sorry, and it was okay if she was mad at her sister Suellen, she deserved it. Scarlett did not understand his words and asked Will in the carriage on the way home what he meant. Will told Scarlett calmly what happened.

Suellen heard that everyone was now asking the government to pay back money that the Yankees had taken from them. In order to do that, though, you had to give the government a written deed, signed by the owner of the house, which was Gerald. Suellen knew that Gerald wouldn’t sign, so she tried to persuade him. When he didn’t listen to her at all, she told him how Ellen would be moaning in her grave to know that her children didn’t have the money for food and clothes they needed, because Gerald wouldn’t sign a deed. Gerald cried at her words, but didn’t sign. So she decided to get him drunk and then let him sign it. When he was drunk and about to sign it, she whispered to herself that now they were even with those Scallywags, and at her words Gerald threw down the unsigned document steaming with rage.

He then ran away out into town , and stole a horse. It was some time before he came back, drunk, galloping on the stolen horse he reigned the horse back to jump the fence that he always used to jump when Ellen was alive. Then he bellowed “ Watch me take this one Ellen.” He then jumped and died.


How dare her sister do such a horrible thing? It was horrible Suellen’s fault any way. And I was thinking she was doing the right thing for money! But what really made Scarlett horrified was the fact that on the way home Will asked if he could marry Suellen. He thought she wouldn’t be so bad if she had a husband and a couple of children. Maybe that was what Suellen wanted, but still the thought of her marrying Will was terrifying. First of all Will was a complete gentleman and Suellen did not deserve him. Secondly he just wasn’t well . . . fit for Suellen. Still, Scarlett had no choice but to say yes and then come home into Melanie’s arms crying.

People felt sorry for Scarlett, but no one even turned their head toward Suellen’s direction! All of Gerald’s friends puffed up in indignation. A daughter killing her own father for money! They all wanted to cry out in the funeral that Gerald wouldn’t be dead if it weren’t horrible Suellen’s fault. Will knew their thoughts and discussed a plan with Ashley how to stop their threatening cries. Ashley would serve as the priest for the funeral, because Scarlett forgot to bring one and there wasn’t any priest in the country. So it was planned that when he said, “ if anyone wants to say something, please speak,” Will would stand up and say that he was to marry Suellen and that if anyone had any problems with her to please speak. So it was planned and so it was done. Both that planned played their roles well. Ashley preached as he was supposed to, and Will did a fantastic job on his piece.

Scarlett was surprised at how many people came to the funeral. There were at least seventy people there, all mourning the death of dear Gerald. Scarlett was touched, for all these people here for her father! Many ugly looks were cast upon Suellen, who everyone thought killed her father. And when the crowd heard Will’s speech that he was going to marry Suellen, all angrily stood up to declare a horror had occurred. At least one person who loved Gerald the dearest was angry, dearest as a friend I mean, and that person was Mrs. Tarleton. But Will had also planned that she would take Scarlett into the house for fear of her condition. Grandma Fontaine joined, because she knew the reason for Will’s unsuspected plot. She knew that he wanted them out of the way so they wouldn’t say bad things about Suellen, she also knew that he made Scarlett go with them because he didn’t want to have Scarlett see her father being buried. She also knew that he knew that Scarlett was Gerald’s pet.

The only thing wrong with Suellen and Will’s marriage now was the fact that Will was a cracker. Other than that, though, it was fine with Scarlett. The only thing that troubled her now was that Careen decided to become a nun, but otherwise Will would have married her. The other fact that troubled her was that the mills needed a new person to take charge of them instead of the person who was running them now, or one of them. For now Scarlett had two mills, she had raised enough money from the first to build a second, which she did. Scarlett didn’t trust the person that was running the mills now. The only person in the world who she trusted to run the mills now was Ashley. So right after the funeral , and when she had given Gerald’s golden watch to Pork, she managed to corner Ashley into the office.

First she calmly asked him if he could run one of the mills, because it was obvious now that she could not be running around to the mills now, and it would be so kind of him if he could come. When he refused, she decided to use more drastic measures. Still he refused and truthfully told her that it would ruin his masculine pride to take a job offered by a woman. Also he was not sure he could withstand the promise kept at the orchard. He also told her that he planned to move to New York among the Yankees and work as a banker with Melanie. That was the last straw for Scarlett who suddenly broke into tears sending Melanie into the room. Melanie of course went right to Scarlett , asking her what in the world was the matter. Scarlett sobbingly told her that Ashley was soooooooo mean! And that he wouldn’t work in the mill for her because he was sooooooooooooooo mean!!!! Melanie went right to Scarlett’s defense and asked Ashley on how he could do such a thing!!!

Melanie wanted to go to Atlanta. Melanie wanted to be among her old friends, and to see Aunt Pitty, and . . . well, Melanie didn’t want to go live among the Yankees. Ashley couldn’t fight both of them so he gave in. So it was that Scarlett brought three people back with her. And so it came to be that Melanie, Ashley, and Beau moved into their own house right across from Aunt Pitty’s and Scarlett’s to share the own backyard.

Soon Melanie became the center of Atlanta. All of Atlanta came over to her house! Everyone crammed into her little living room to have tea, for that was all Melanie could afford. Also, Melanie became the leader of all the Sewing Circles and groups that were now spread in Atlanta to make life more interesting. She also started a number of groups like Shakespeare groups and became the leader of them as well. As I said before, she was the center of Atlanta. And everyone loved her, loved her till they could love no one else. And she loved them in return. All of them, from the Sewing Circles to the Shakespeare groups. She was the best one, the greatest one, and the one that all would turn to for guidance.

Scarlett came to many of Melanie’s gatherings, but she just sat in the corner filled with jealousy and hatred. Why had she ever suggested Melanie to come to Atlanta. It was worse than she ever thought it could be. The only person that she wanted at Atlanta now was Ashley, but she could not disconnect Ashley from Melanie, or vice versa.

Scarlett finally had Ella, named after Ellen, and had to sit weak in bed for over about 2 weeks. Frank was so proud of his ugly little daughter, though Scarlett loved her no more than a cat. When the two weeks were over, Scarlett couldn’t take it any more and rushed to Melanie’s house telling her that she had to have someone drive her to the mills or she would walk on foot. For you see neither Aunt Pitty nor Frank wanted her out after she just had a baby. Scarlett looked so frustrated that Melanie was afraid that she would in fact walk all the way to the mills on foot. So she told Scarlett that someway she would get her to the mills, just to wait a couple more hours.

Scarlett waited to find a scruffy tobacco stained spitting man to approach her and say that he would drive her. At first Scarlett thought he was joking, but when he said that Miss Melly sent him she had to believe him. And thus the entrance of Archie, Scarlett’s protector and driver was made. Scarlett disliked Archie immensely, but she had to have someone drive her to the mills and he was the only one willing to do it. Archie wasn’t particularly fond of Scarlett either, but he thought it was a good deal for the money he received.

Archie is an incredibly interesting character in the book., First of all, let me tell you all the dislikable things of Archie. the most important being the fact that he murdered his wife for adultery. Second being that he was ill bred, rude, tobacco-stained, illiterate, complicated, ugly, one-eyed, one-legged, women-hating, Yankee-hating, black-hating, grouchy, grungy, spitting-on-everything man. But, really, over all he isn’t that bad. Now that that is explained, let us continue the story.

Scarlett learned all these things about him, from being with him, but the one fact that made her shrivel with horror, was that Archie lived in Melanie’s house and Melanie knew all these things about him. He did sleep in the basement, but…Oh the horror of Melanie accepting such a man, and such a man as Archie. Still Scarlett had to use him as her body-guard, and she would have him as her body guard, till he told her, she started using convicts at the mill. For Archie himself was a convict freed during the war, to fight in the war, and her using convicts as laborers would cause him to quit. This idea had never occurred to Scarlett and the thought of it appealed to her. Convicts. It was perfect! They were cheaper than “ Negroes ” and would be perfect for the mill. Besides Archie wouldn’t really quit with the money he’s receiving. But to Scarlett’s dismay Archie was true to his word, and quit.

At home Scarlett was having millions of temper tantrums causing Aunt Pitty and Frank to run to corners of the room when she was around. She was more and more horrible as the weeks went on. Perhaps this fact was the cause to Frank going on “ Democratic meetings ” every, or almost every night. Scarlett didn’t see why he was so devoted to these meetings and thought them a bunch of nonsense. It seemed thought the only thing that made Frank really happy. So she didn’t pay any heed. But… when Rhett Butler came later, Scarlett had not known where he had been, for he had been gone for quite awhile, anyway he came. And when they had exchanged information he left, telling Scarlett with a weird far-off look on his face, to keep Frank home tonight… Scarlett had no idea what he meant, but just resided to drop the subject from her mind.

Now that Archie wouldn’t drive Scarlett anymore, Scarlett had to drive the carriage all by herself to the mills and back. Scarlett didn’t think this fate so bad besides one part of the trip when going to the mills. It was at this part where she passed through Shantytown where all the black people, but it wasn’t this fact that horrified Scarlett, it was the fact that there usually were black men sitting on the road drunk, asking and stealing for money. When Archie was with Scarlett she wasn’t scared of Shantytown, because she knew how much Archie hated black people, but now with no one to protect her Scarlett’s heart always raced whenever she was going through Shantytown.

It was on one of these occasions when she was going through Shantytown that Scarlett drew the horses up in horror, for all of a sudden a huge black man walked on to the road. Scarlett was on the verge of shooting the poor man, when the exchanged looks and she realized it was Big Sam a former worker at Tara before the war. Big Sam and Scarlett had gotten along great when he was Tara before. After a conversation the information was passed that Sam wanted to go back to Tara, much to the pleadings of Scarlett to have a new Bodyguard, it was also passed that he would wait for her in Shantytown when she came back after investigating the mills.

The mill that Scarlett was really worried about was the mill run by Johnnie Gallegher. From what it looked like Johnnie was abusing the convict workers and Scarlett wanted to get down to the real truth. This time she would tell Johnnie that he had to treat the convicts better than he was and so she did. She realized when arriving there that Johnnie was not feeding the convicts the food she was giving him to feed them. She also realized that he was not treating the convicts as he should for she saw the looks the men gave him of extreme hatred. But when she told Johnnie all the things he was doing wrong, he just reacted strongly to the opposite way she wanted and told her that it was his mill that he was running and if she had a problem with that, he would quit.

Scarlett knew that Johnnie was the best mill owner she had. He was making tons of money off the mill but she knew the way he was doing that was by abusing the convicts, so it was the choice of money or doing the right thing. Which one do you think that Scarlett chose? Money!

So Scarlett had to drive back dismayed that she couldn’t have both choices. She drove through Shanty Town as planned. The chilly air and the darkness made it looked like a ghost town and she would forever think of it that way for the incident that happened next.

A white drunk man and a black drunk man stepped onto the road. Scarlett knew what they wanted, they wanted money. She tried to drive the horses through them quickly, but they caught her, their strong hands upon her asking her where her money was. Then they went to the likely place where all women kept their money, in her bosom. Scarlett screamed with fright, bringing a large black man onto the road. It was Big Sam. He had just come a little later than planned. He rushed to Scarlett’s rescue, flinging the men onto the road, falling upon them, telling Scarlett to flee. When he caught up with her again, he took the driver’s seat, comforting her as he drove her back home.

At home, when Scarlett told her horrible incident, Frank did not seem upset about it at all. Scarlett was furious with his behavior. The next thing that happened infuriated her even more. Frank told her that he was going to a “Democratic meeting” and that she would have to go to Melanie’s tonight. With that, he left for the meeting.

Why was everyone treating Scarlett so meanly. To go to a meeting when your wife just had an incident with two drunken men was just not the right thing for a husband to do. How would Melanie help her? Even though Melanie was sweet, what she really needed was her husband’s supporting arms to tell her horrible event to him. Even Aunt Pitty made her get dressed and go to Melanie’s gathering.

In the gathering, Scarlett didn’t even have a chance to tell all of the other ladies her story. Melanie kept a conversation up so she didn’t have the opportunity to speak. It was strange how Melanie was knitting so furiously and how India, Ashley’s sister who was staying there with Melanie, kept giving Melanie worried glances, like something was happening. The air was tense with the feeling that something was wrong. That something would happen and Scarlett didn’t know about it. Everyone in the room was getting tense with fear. It was as if a bomb would come upon the building and kill them all.

Finally, Scarlett couldn’t take it anymore and cried out indignantly that she wanted to know what was happening. All she got in return was “Don’t tell her, don’t tell her” from India to Melanie and it turned into a fight between Scarlett and India. It was at such a point it seemed the room would explode when they heard footsteps on the walk and they all ceased to be silent. It was Rhett! He came into the room with a fast stride towards Melanie and asked her where Ashley and Frank were. After much trouble from India, Melanie finally told her and he ran out the door. Then Scarlett had to know what happened and she learned and they told her in three words Klu Klux Klan. Scarlett was ready to scream when Archie, who was also there, told everyone to pretend like nothing was happening and to keep knitting.

It seemed like only a couple of minutes before there was another knock on the door but this time it wasn’t Rhett, it was the Yankees!! They wanted to know where Ashley and Frank were too. But unlike, Rhett, Melanie wouldn’t tell them so they had no choice but to surround the house and wait until Frank came home. It was then that all of the curtains were pulled down and Melanie started reading.

Hours later, Rhett and Ashley returned. Then the acting started. Ashley and Rhett were supposedly drunk. The Yankees didn’t believe their act, but were finally convinced that the “Democratic meeting” was at Belle Watling’s house. When the Yankees had left, Ashley was rushed into the bedroom. Instead of being drunk, he was actually hurt and blood was gushing out all over and India rushed to get a doctor. When Ashley was at a point when Scarlett and Rhett could leave the room, Scarlett learned from Rhett that Frank had died in the destruction of the Klu Klux Klan.


So Scarlett was a widow once again. Right on the day of Frank’s funeral, Rhett came to her house and mockingly knelt on one knee and proposed to Scarlett, for truthfully he had loved Scarlett all along and wanted to marry her. At first, upon hearing Rhett’s proposal, Scarlett thought he was joking. She didn’t like the idea of marrying Rhett because she had always thought of him as a friend, not a husband. After she thought it over, however, it appealed to her because he was rich and really fun to be with, like he claimed in his proposal. So it was decided that she would marry Rhett. But they would marry a year from now so it wouldn’t look disrespectful. It was also decided that Rhett would buy her a huge diamond ring at New Orleans where he would stay until he came back and marry her.

As Rhett had said in his proposal, it would be “fun” and fun it was. For their honeymoon they went to New Orleans and Scarlett met all of the rich men and women that knew Rhett. She had the most fun she ever had in her whole life. She went to parties, dances, and wore the most expensive clothing that anyone at that time would have dreamed of wearing. She ate the most expensive food, wondering how she could have ever been hungry before. She also bought wonderful presents for everyone in the family except Mammy. Mammy had disapproved of Scarlett’s marriage of Rhett more than anything. It wasn’t like she was the only one who disapproved of the marriage. Everyone Scarlett knew disapproved of her. Even dear Melanie disapproved, asking if she was sure she was doing the right thing.

Scarlett had ignored them all not caring what they thought of her but only caring that she was for once in her life going to have FUN!!!! The greatest thing about being at the New Orleans to Scarlett was the fact that everyone their had fun. They were all rich, at least the people Scarlett saw and they all had fun. The only problem with these people was that they were all Scallywags, and they just weren’t good people to be with. Rhett knew this, but as long as Scarlett was having fun this fact didn’t matter.

When they came back to Atlanta, people were disgusted of them. Scarlett and Rhett were hated before, but not as extreme as this, Scarlett was now probably even more hated then that “ Watling creature ” and Rhett, well Rhett was just as hated as before. They were the Scallywag couple of Atlanta, making Scarlett’s old friends that were slowly drifting away to come completely gone. Scarlett wanted a huge ugly mashine . With the richest of everything that made it look incredibly dark and dreary, yet still Rhett gave Scarlett what she wanted, and spoiled her like a Father would a child. The people of Atlanta hated Scarlett more for her mashin, it was as if she was saying to them how much better she was. They also were grieved with how much she had changed, she was now not the Scarlett they knew but a much different Scarlett, who now was making friends with Scallywags.

Rhett and Scarlett’s marriage went rather well, except for the acational fights. But the real thing that made the marriage between them closer, was Bonnie. Scarlett’s and Rhett’s child. Rhett loved Bonnie more than anything else in the world, and upon hearing that Scarlett didn’t want anymore children, Rhett infuriatingly moved to another room in the mansion. Rhett loved children and wanted more of them. Didn’t Scarlett see that? Why was she not aware of his love for them?

That wasn't their last fight though, they had many including one that involved Bonnie, and this choice was how they would improve their reputation so that Bonnie would be allowed the pleasures of having friends to play with.

The only person Bonnie really wanted to play with was her father. The only person Bonnie really loved was her father, her mother was just mean and never paid attention to her. Scarlett hated to think that her daughter didn't love her, for Bonnie was her favorite daughter. Ella just was too boring, and Wade was always scared of Scarlett so she couldn’t be affectionate him. Wade had a right to feel scared though, his mother didn’t love him any way or so he thought, and she always was telling him things of how he should go play, instead of bothering dear precious mommy’s work.

Rhett wanted all grand things for Bonnie, so he did change his reputation for her, like he had planned all along. When Bonnie was old enough to walk, Rhett took her riding and brought her everywhere with him. Soon everyone couldn’t help but think how cute the father and daughter looked together, and soon Rhett’s reputation rose. Scarlett’s on the other hand lowered. She didn’t change a thing about herself to make Bonnie’s live better, in fact she still did the same things she had done before Bonnie’s birth. Scarlett hated though to think that the town hated her and loved Rhett, maybe if Rhett ever let her close to the child her reputation wouldn’t be so bad. She also thought Rhett should at least discipline the child a bit, for she was too spoiled, for instance she was afraid of the dark so Rhett moved her into his room and kept a candle burning each night, the whole night long. Rhett would do anything for that child, he even stopped his drinking for her, so he wouldn’t smell, “ Nasty.”

Soon Melanie planned a surprise party for Ashley’s birthday. Everyone in the town knew about it and had a job to do involving it. It was Scarlett’s job, to hold Ashley back until a certain time when the party started. Scarlett was very excited about the occasion and wore her best dress when going to the mill to “ hold ” him back. So Scarlett paid the men at the mill and went to Ashley’s office. Ashley’s eyes danced and he looked young again. Why was he so excited and happy? Well it turned out that he knew about the surprise party for once the men knew it they told him, because they knew how surprising surprise party’s were.

Scarlett knew how disappointed Melanie would be, but Ashley assured her that he would be just as surprised as if he didn’t know. Then they resided to talking since each knew the other’s duty, and soon they began talking of the old days. Scarlett knew she should not look back, but together she and Ashley did, and the next thing they knew they were in each other’s arms crying. It was a thing friends do for one another. For the first time it wasn’t about love it was about the past.

But not according to India, Mrs. Elsing, and Archie, they had seen some of the hug, and they meant trouble. Scarlett had fled leaving Ashley with Archie. How she got home she never knew, but instantly went into her room to cry, and then a horrible thought released in her mind! Rhett! Archie would tell Rhett, and then what would happen! He would do something horrible to her she just knew it! He would be so angry he would…Oh NOOOOO! Why did she let Ashley take her back?!! For once it was just a friendly hug instead of love, and now she was being punished for all those times she had loved him! Oh how could this happen to her.


Rhett responded differently then Scarlett thought he would, instead of doing horrible things he did the most horrible thing he could do in the world!!!! And that was to make Scarlett go to the party, make her face her shame, make her become what she deserved , make her understand what she had done…

Somehow Scarlett managed through if all. All the faces all the voices, somehow she made it with Melanie beside her. Both she and Ashley had to hide behind Melanie skirts in order to manage, making it. But they did it. Scarlett had been so afraid of what Melanie would think. Her dear Melanie would probably hate her, but she had been the one person who helped them through it all.

Rhett hadn’t come to the ceremony, and that night Scarlett was ever fearing what would happen to her when he got home. She needed a drink badly, for as I forgot to mention Scarlett was an alcoholic and she needed the drink to soothe her troubled mind. But she was afraid to get up. Afraid to face what Rhett would do to her, afraid what would happen to her. Still she had to have a drink, as alcohol might do to a person, so she finally went out her door to get some.

When Scarlett thought she was just free to go to her room, a drawled voice came to her ear and she turned around to find Rhett Butler. Then with all the force he possessed he made her come into the living room with him, and there he poured out a glass for her to drink. Scarlett could not resist and drank. What happened the last to minuets was just a whirl in Scarlett’s head the next morning. It had to be a dream, but it hadn’t Scarlett somehow knew.

Rhett had been really forceful with her, and carried her up the stairs and… Scarlett felt dizzy remembering and resolved just to think about it later. When she had gotten up and searched the house for Rhett he wasn’t there, neither was Bonnie, or Prissy. So he had done what they had argued over before and had taken Bonnie with him to the New Orleans, and leaving Scarlett with her guilt. The only thing Scarlett wanted to do now was to confess to Melanie what happened between her and Ashley. And confess all the times she and Ashley had… Oh Melanie was going to hate her.

Yet when she did confess to Melanie, Melanie wouldn’t listen. Dear Melanie wouldn’t believe her if she told her anyway. It tormented Scarlett inside to not be able to confess her sins, and when she burst out crying when Melanie spoke angrily of India, Melanie promised that she would never speak of the matter again.

What made things worse for Scarlett was the fact that, she was pregnant, making the whole town think she had done something with Ashley, when she knew it was really Rhett’s child. And what was even worse that that was that Rhett had left town with Bonnie, making the whole town gossip. Now the whole town hated her. It was worse that India seeing the event of her giving Ashley a friendly hug, it was worse that anything that had ever happened to Scarlett.

But Melanie was there beside her, Melanie knew it was Rhett’s child. And thus it was declared war between Melanie and India. The whole town had to take sides in the whole event, some took sides to India, believing her claims, and some took side to Melanie, because not for Scarlett but merely not to lose Melly’s friendship.

Finally after three whole months Rhett and Bonnie Butler came back. There was tons of kissing and hugs as if nothing had happened, but then when Bonnie and Prissy left Rhett and Scarlett alone at the top of the stairs. With that opportunity Scarlett told Rhett of her condition. Rhett mocked, replying that the father was probably Ashley wasn’t it?

Scarlett couldn’t stand any more of his mocking and with extreme hatred lunged at him with all the strength she possessed. Rhett dodged, sending Scarlett rolling down the staircase step by step.


The next thing she knew Scarlett was on the bed with the doctor and Melanie, but the one person she really wanted at her side was Rhett Butler. Scarlett wanted his kind supporting arms to be with her, in this time of great sickness. It would be a miscarriage just like Rhett had mocked before. Oh but to have him with her now, yes but if she did call Rhett would just mock her , mock how she lunged at him and…

What Scarlett didn’t know was that Rhett wanted to be called by her, he wanted to rush in and tell her he loved her. In fact at this moment he was sobbing uncontrollably and there were cigarette butts all over the floor and unfinished glasses of wine on the tables! He was horrified at what he had done, he was horrified of how he had acted towards Scarlett. He was scared she would die and it would be all his fault. Scarlett never loved him, Scarlett never would. Scarlett didn’t want anything to do with him, she didn’t want his children, she didn’t… Oh how had he ever thought Scarlett loved him. How could he ever had thought that she might at least had thought it might be fun to be married with him. How could he have said all the hurtful things he had. Now she was going to die, because of him!!!

And so he tried to confess his sins to Melanie, but she didn’t want to be impolite by hearing his affairs. She just told him that Scarlett was going to be fine…fine…fine…


Scarlett had to go to Tara, it was the only place where she could heal her thoughts and mind, and to become well. She would go to Tara with Wade and Ella but not Rhett. She needed time to think and to get well. While Scarlett was gone Rhett went over to Melanie, to consults the matter of having Ashley buy the mills so Scarlett wouldn’t have to worry herself over them anymore. Rhett would send money so he would be able to do that, but wouldn’t tell who it was from, and Melanie was to convince him to buy them. At first Melanie didn’t like the idea of betraying her husband and not telling who it was from. But after much pleading from Rhett on how this would help Scarlett, she decided that she would, for Scarlett.

On hearing that Ashley was going to buy the mills from her, Scarlett was at first annoyed knowing that it was Rhett’s fault, but just to show him she didn’t care about the mills ( though it really was quite the contrary ) Scarlett agreed. When she saw the poor choices Ashley was making with the mill, Scarlett couldn’t help but regret she couldn’t have made more money out of it before it failed.

Scarlett couldn’t help but notice how much Rhett had changed since her illness. For one thing he didn’t mock her anymore, but the one thing that stayed the same was the fact that he loved Bonnie the best and visa versa. Not either of them loved she, Scarlett. This made Scarlett jealous of her own daughter, why wouldn’t Rhett love her too?

Soon Bonnie became spoiled, and the time she had spent at the New Orleans she was really spoiled by Rhett, and now everyone was noticing that she was transforming into a brat, she was still so sweet no one wanted to offend by telling the parents of her that they might want to… well try discipline. Scarlett did try discipline but Rhett never let her even lay a finger on her. He gave Bonnie whatever she wanted, making Scarlett hate Bonnie’s behavior even more.

One gift Rhett gave to Bonnie was the gift of a Shetland pony, since now that she was getting older she needed a horse of her own. Bonnie loved the pony and rode it everyday and when the pony learned to jump, she jumped it all day. This reminded Scarlett how much Bonnie looked and acted like Gerald, her father.

One day Bonnie was going to jump a really high jump when she called to Scarlett. “ Watch me take this one. ” The sound of her voice reminded her so much of Gerald right before he… “ OH BONNIE NOOO!!!!!!”

But it was to late the jump was made and Mr. Butler, the pony rode back to them with an empty saddle.


The whole household of the Butlers was flooded with grief. Bonnie sweet Bonnie had died. Scarlett blamed Rhett and called him a murderer , she thought it was all his fault for buying Bonnie that Shetland Pony.

Rhett was more depressed than Scarlett was, and on hearing her hurtful words he burst out crying. His Bonnie, his lovely Bonnie, he had worked so hard for, was dead. He wouldn’t let them bury Bonnie, he said that she was scared of the dark, he wouldn’t let her be buried and have to be there all by herself in the dark.

Mammy rushed over to Melanie’s house to tell her the news and if she would help Caption Butler so that he may let them bury Bonnie for the Funeral. Melanie at first couldn’t intrude, but with Mammy’s encouraging words she ran to the Butlers house to see if she could heal this man’s heart. She stopped at Scarlett’s door for a moment, but Mammy pushed her on to Rhett’s and so she went in and came out with the new that Rhett Butler would let Bonnie be buried, and now she would watch over Bonnie while Rhett slept.

Scarlett wanted to cry into Rhett’s arms and talk with him about Bonnie, but she found that he was keeping her at arms length p.1000 Scarlett wanted to turn to someone in this world, but now she realized there was no one to turn to , no one loved her, no one ever would again except Melanie…

Scarlett went out for a trip for peace after Bonnie’s death, when she got a letter from Rhett that Melanie was ill. She rushed back to Atlanta, to hear the news that Melanie was dying she had a miscarriage. How did Rhett know? He knew because she was so happy it couldn’t have been anything else. Oh Melanie, Melanie couldn’t die, not her Melanie not the Melanie she loved. Oh why hadn’t she realized it! She loved Melanie, Melanie was like her strength to her, the only person that loved her! Now she was dying! Oh it wasn’t fair, she needed Melanie!

When she went into the house the Doctor told her that Melanie wanted her. Her, Melanie? Yes and she had to hurry for she was dying. And this was what Melanie said to Scarlett on her deathbed.

Promise me to look after Beau and Ashley. Oh and Captain Butler-be kind to him he loves you so

P 1011

Scarlett promised Melanie and was pushed out the door, leaving India and Pitty to go and see her. The first thing Scarlett did was go and comfort Ashley. And then she looked around for someone to give her orders she only saw pairs after pairs pleading asking her to tell orders. With the knowledge of this Scarlett straightened her head and squared her shoulders knowing the duty she held.


Scarlett cried her eyes out when she got home concealed by everyone. She wanted more than anything to talk to Mammy, but Mammy had gone home to Tara disgusted with Scarlett.

And then a remarkable thing happened to Scarlett she realized that she didn’t love Ashley, she had only created a image of the perfect man and put it on him! How silly she was to do such a thing as a man as Ashley. Now she would love Rhett. In fact she realized she loved Rhett, somehow she would make it up to him and to all the people of Atlanta.

Though Scarlett might have felt that way, she had already caused enough damage no one would forgive her, not even Rhett. She and Rhett would be divorced, all because of her. She only cared for herself, and wanted things she didn’t have. For instance Ashley, and now that she had him, she didn’t want him. But she would have him she did not have a choice. And Rhett… Scarlett was determined that she would have Rhett again, someway, some how, she would get him back, him and all the people of Atlanta, she’d show them! By her name SCARLETT O’HARA she would get them back, all of them.

I think this book taught me a lesson, as many books do, and that lesson was to be grateful for what you have, and to love what you have, not always wanting the “ greener ” grass on the other side. This is a wonderful book, and it is defiantly worth it’s 1037 pages of remarkable, magnificent, fun, amazing, lovely, and superb plot and characters. If you love great books, and you love to read, I recommend this book for you, because although it’s long it’s the best book I’ve ever read, and once you read it you, will think this book a superb wonder of story.