Reading: Electronic Texts & Mythology Links

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SPECIAL SECTION: READING – Electronic Texts & Mythology Links

1. Links to Fairytales, Stories, Myths and Legends
2. Classics for Young People
3. Yahoo’s Links to Mythology and Folklore
4. Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
5. Library of Congress Electronic Texts

7. Myths and Legends Resource Page
8. Literature Page on Myths and Folklore
9. Myths from different cultures and the heavenly body they relate to
10. Myth Man – Links to Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Mythology
11. Creation Myths and Sacred Narratives of Creation
12. Genesis: Creation Stories from various cultures
13. Legends of Rome
14. Directory of Myths & Folktales
15. Religions of the World (links copied from Oregonian newspaper)

16. Kids Zone: Myths and fables from around the world

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