- an epic of the Babylonian people

Following are the main characters from The Enuma elish, an epic of the Babylonian peoples. (For the most part, the Babylonians adopted the earlier Sumerian gods, and distinctions between how both perceived the gods are noted in the chart.) One of the central figures of the legend is the goddess Tiamat, a dragonlike personification of the oceans, who headed the hordes of chaos and whose destruction was prerequisite to an orderly universe.

Tiamat Mother Goddess, wife of Apsu, mother of Anshar and Kishar. (Sumerian counterpart is Nintu.)
Apsu Ruler of all the gods and husband and father as above. (Sumerian counterpart is Anu.)
Mummu A son of Tiamat and Apsu. God of the mist.
Anshar Brother and husband of Kishar.
Kishar Sister and wife of Anshar.
Anu (An) Son of Anshar and Kishar. God of the sky. (Sumerian husband of Nintu and father/ruler of all the gods.)
Nintu (Ki) (Sumerian mother of all the gods. Created the first humans out of clay.)
Enlil God of the air between earth and sky. (Sumerian son of Anu and Nintu who becomes ruler of the gods with Anu.)
Ishtar (Inanna) (Sumerian first daughter of Anu (or Sin) and the goddess of love and war.)
Ea Son of Anu, husband of Damkina, and father of Marduk. Ruler of all the gods after Apsu. (Sumerian son of Nintu and ruler of the earth.)
Damkina Wife of Ea and mother of Marduk.
Marduk Wisest and most accomplished god. He became ruler of all the gods. (Sumerian counterpart of Anu and Enlil.)
Kingu Leads Tiamat's army against Marduk.
Sin God of the moon and father of Shamash.
Shamash God of the sun.

Table of Contents:
Enuma Elish: Retold by 6th Grade students

1. Lauren P.
2. Caleb Y.
3. Chris R.
4. John K.
5. Anna V.
6. Alicia S.
7. Amanda V.
8. Melissa L.
9. Kaila D.
10. Susana K.
11. Derek J.
12. Jared
13. Courtney
14. Sonia

by Lauren P.
In the beginning there were two gods,Tiamat and Apsu. Their sons were Mummu and Anshar and their daughter was Kishar. Anshar married Kishar and they had a son named Anu. Anu married Nitu and they had three sons, Enil Ishtar and Ea.

The young gods liked to party and stay up late. Finally Apsu had, had enough he and Mummu made a plan to destroy the rowdy gods. The word that Apsu and Mummu wanted to destroy them spread quickly.

Ea was a wise young god; he made a magic circle that would protect the gods. Then he put Mummu and Apsu in to a deep sleep. He took Apsu's crown and killed him. He made Mummu his servant.

He made himself king and his wife, Damkina, queen. Later on they had a son; they named him Marduk. Marduk they said, was the " Sun of the heavens."

General Kingu was loyal to Tiamat; he told her to avenge Apsu's death and to fight Ea and the other gods.

So Tiamat created monsters to fight the gods. She made eleven monsters in all: they were the mad dog, dragons, the sphinx, lions, centaurs, dragonflies, serpents, the scorpion man and three storm demons.Kingu and Tiamat prepared for battle.

When Anshar and Anu learned of Tiamat's plans they told Ea to go destroy Tiamats forces. But when Ea saw Tiamat's monsters he became very scared. He was a coward! So they sent Anu but he returned a coward as well!

Then suddenly Anshar had an idea. "Ea," he said, " Bring your son Marduk he will defeat Tiamat and her monsters."

So Ea brought Marduk, He exclaimed "Why are you afraid, Tiamat is only a woman! I will defeat her, call the gods proclaim my supreme destiny."

The other gods made Marduk king. He made a shirt disappear and reappear to prove his power. His goal in the battle was to cut of the life of Tiamat!

For his weapons he had seven winds, pulling his chariot were four beasts. Destroyer, Relentless, Trampler and Flyer. He also had two monsters who ran beside his chariot they were Smiter and Combat.

When he arrived he challenged Tiamat to hand to hand combat. Tiamat excepted his challenge. Guess who won? Marduk! But he made

Tiamats body into the sky and the Earth. Her saliva became the clouds, Her skull broke and became mountains and her eyes cried the river the Tigris and Euphrates.

Marduk gave the sky to Anu, the land to Ea and the air in between to Enil. He made Tiamat's monsters into statues.

Later Marduk decided he wanted to make a temple, he would call it Babylon. Then Marduk had Kingu brought in because he had been the leader of the revolt. Marduk killed Kingu and used his blood to make people. Then together people and gods built the temple


by Caleb Y.

In the begining there were some gods and their names were Tiamat, Apsu,Mummu, Anshar, Kishar,Anu, Nintu, Enlil, Damkina, Ea, Ishar, and Marduk. The young gods liked to party, but the old gods got mad so they wanted to kill them. Tiamat did not want them to, but they went on with their evil plan.

Ea heard of the evil plan and kills Apsu, takes his crown, puts it on his head, and leads Mummu around by his nose. Marduk, Ea's son, had ten halos; he saw everything, heard every thing and was the most powerful of all the gods.

Tiamat was angry and wanted revenge. Kingu the general helped Tiamat. She made twelve monsters and gave kingu control. Anshar heard of the monsters and told Anu to destroy them. Anu saw them and was too afraid and came back. Anshar then sent Ea saw the monsters and was afraid and came back.

Anshar had an idea:

by Chris R.

In the beginning Apsu and Tiamat had Mummu, Anshar, and Kishar. Then Anshar and Kishar had Anu who married Nintu and they had Enlil, Ishtar, and Ea. Ea married Damkina and they had Marduk who grew up to be the wisest god in the kingdom.

Tiamat got mad because the kids got together and got very loud and it drove her crazy. It also happened to drive Mummu and Apsu crazy too. The three of them got together at the gods meeting place and Apsu said," I'm going to destroy the kids."

"Are we not the ones who created them?"

Ea heard about this evil plan to kill the kids from Tiamat and killed Apsu and put a ring through Mummu's nose and dragged him around. After a while Kingu convinced Tiamat to rebel. So she made beasts and started a war with the other gods. Anshar heard of this and he told Ea and Anu to stop her and her beasts, but when they saw her with her forces they became cowards and ran away.

Then Marduk went to fight her with the forces he created. Before he fought Tiamat he killed Kingu and made Tiamats forces to stone. Then he called out Tiamat and in her dumbness she answered his call. When, after a while, she opened her mouth to consume Marduk he threw all four winds into her and she expanded. Then he shot an arrow through her and killed her and he was victorious over the mighty Tiamat and she became the Earth. Then he made man out of Kingu so the other gods could rest in peace while man served him. He also made Babylon with the beasts that Tiamat made into statues to remind the other gods not to rebel.


By : John K.

In the beginning only water and mist.
Gods of the Story:
Father Aspu: Ruled the sweet waters.
Mother Tiamat: Ruled the salt water.
Mumma: Ruler of the mist.
Anshar and Kishar: "The Gods", formed within the sweet waters.
Anu: God of Heaven.
Ea: God of the earth.

Aspu was holding a meeting. He said, "The Gods" are being reckless and tiring. "I suggest that we destroy them". Tiamat said, "Destroy the gods that we created, No". Mumma who was in the meeting supported Aspu and said, "Proceed with your plan". News spread about Aspu's plan. "The Gods" heard about it and began to cry, but Ea the wisest had a plan:
1. Ea place gods in a magic circle.
2. Ea makes Aspu sleep.
3. Steals crown/halo.
4. Crowns himself.
5. Kills Aspu.

Ea then ruled the sweat water's and Damkina as his wife. Ea's home became the House of Destinies. Ea sacred room became The Room of Fates. Ea then had Marduk. The wisest and most able god. Though fully born Damkina fed him. Then Ea made Marduk a double god in form and in strength.

Marduk is the "Sun of the Heaven". Marduk also wore ten halos. Kingu made winds which angered the god below. Now Tiamat is going to have a war against the gods above.

Tiamat then made serpents which were full of venom and had halos so it would scare the gods to death. They also had two sharp fangs and were Tiamat's invincible weapons. Tiamat made eleven more. Viper, dragon, sphinx, lion, dog, scorpion-man, three storm demons, dragonfly, and a centaur.

Then she chosed Kingu as her council of her creatures. Then she put the Destiny Tablet on his chest. Then Tiamat march toward the heavens her monsters ready for battle.

Nobody can stop the monsters. Now its up to Marduk to stop Tiamat and her forces. If he stops them he will rule forever. So Marduk is king and has weapons to destroy Tiamat. He has monsters that could help him in battle. Tiamat open her mouth Marduk made the wind go into her mouth extending her body. Them he shot an arrow killing her. Marduk put Tiamat forces to jail. Marduk made Tiamat body the earth. Then they made people.
The End

Enuma Elish

retold by Anna V.

In the beginning, there was only water. Apsu, the father god, ruled the sweet water. Tiamat, the mother goddess, ruled the salt water.

Apsu and Tiamat had three children. Two sons, Anshar and Mummu, and one daughter, Kishar. Anshar and Kishar had a son , Anu. Anu had a wife named Nintu. Together they had three children, all sons. Enlil, Ishtar, and Ea were their names.

Ea had a wife named Damkina.

All of Tiamat and Apsu's children and grand-children, exept for Mummu, were very noisy. Apsu and Tiamat did not like this. Apsu shouted angrily, "I do not like how the gods and goddesses make noise non-stop all day and all night! I need some rest! How can I sleep with all of this racket going on? We shall have to destroy them to make it end!"

Tiamat did not want to destroy her decendants, but Mummu supported Apsu. Apsu was pleased with this, so together he and Mummu made plans. Ea heard the news and spread it to the other gods and goddesses. They were all very upset about this. Then Ea decided that he will try to stop Apsu and Mummu, because Ea was the most powerful god.

First Ea made a majic protective circle around them. After that he put Apsu into a deep sleep, and took all of Mummu's powers away. He went over, took Apsu's crown and placed it on his own head. Then he killed Apsu.

Ea had a son with four eyes, so he saw everything, four ears, so he heard everything, and fire came out of his mouth when he spoke. His name was Marduck.

Anu sent out wind in every direction, disturbing Tiamat's water.

Kingu said to Tiamat, "You should avenge Apsu and Mummu!" Tiamat agreed. She then created monsters to fight. There were eleven of them: the sphinx, the serpant, the dragon, the centaur, the scorpion, the lion, the dog, the viper, the shark, the dragonfly, and the unicorn.

Both of the sides prepared for battle. But when Ea went to fight, he was terrified of the monsters. Anu decided that he would go try to fight, but he too was afraid.

Then all of a sudden it occured to them. "Marduck! He can help us!"

Marduck came forth and agreed to help fight Tiamat. He proved that he had great powers by making a garment disappear and reappear. Everyone there called him the "King of the Universe."

The other gods and goddesses gave him a throne and some weapons. Marduck had a bow, a quivver of arrows, a net, a club, a poisonus plant, lightning, fire, and wind all around him.

Marduck sent seven winds against Tiamat. He also brought four beasts, the Destroyer, the Relentless, the Trampler, the Flier, and two monsters, the Smiter and the Combat.

Marduck went over to Tiamat and challenged her to a single combat. Tiamat tried to attack, but she was too slow. Marduck shot his arrow and killed her.

After that Marduck put all of the rebellious gods and goddesses in prison.

Tiamat's body split in half. Half of her became the sky, and half of her became land. Rivers flowed from her eyes.

All of the other gods and goddesses decided that there should be rulers for everything. Anu got to rule the heavens, while Enlil got to rule the air, and Ea was the ruler of the Earth.

Marduck wanted a temple to be built, and there would be people to serve the gods and goddesses. He found out that Kingu had encouraged Tiamat, so Marduck made human beings out of him.

The temple called Babylon was built. The people went there to serve and worship the gods, especially Marduk. They gave him 50 different names. Marduck became the everlasting king.

The End

Enuma Elish

retold by Alicia S.

Hi how are you? I'm as good as ever, I was just told a story about a goddess named Tiamat. Tiamat married Apsu. Apsu was the god of the sweet water and Tiamat was the goddess of salt water. They had three children named Mummu, Anshar, and Kishar, Anshar and Kishar had one child named Anu. Anu married Nintu. They had three children named Ea, Ishar, and Enlil. Ea married Damkina. They had one son together named Marduk, who was the wisest of them all. And Kingu was the general.

They were a happy little family, until Apsu and Tiamat's children and grandchildren and great grand- children and great and great grandchildren got older and louder and louder and just plain annoyed Apsu. Apsu got so mad at them he threatened to kill them. And Mummu, Anshar, and Kishar thought he was full of lies. So they kept on being noisy and got nosier and louder until Apsu just couldn't take anymore so it was that the next day they were to be killed. Tiamat tried to stop Apsu even though she to was mad at the noise, but she was to late and it was settled. Tiamat rushed to tell her children all about what had happened. Ea was terrified, but she new she had to do something. So she made a magic circle that know one else besides them could get in or hurt. During the night Ea kills Apsu and takes his crown and is the ruler of all.

After a while Tiamat got so tired of Ea and her rules and what she had done to her fine husband. So she decided to kill Ea and everyone that had helped her and liked her. After Ea found out what Tiamat had planed she called on Anu to create wind to stall Tiamat and her evil plain. So Anu creates wind. Tiamat knowing she will need help, asks the general, Kingu, for help. So they together made a monster so powerful they decided to make ten more. The monsters had sharp fangs, scaly feet, and anything you could think of in a fantasy story. One look at them will make you faint. When Ea herd what they had made she asks Anu for help. She gets all dressed up with her crown and her tablet. Ea walks out first and comes bake a few seconds later, scared out of her mind. So Anu goes out and comes back just as fast as Ea. So they decided that Marduk should go. Marduk just tells them,

"Tiamat is just a woman." Marduk goes out and defeats the monsters and kills Tiamat. After Marduk had defeated Tiamat, he took her body and made the earth from it. So Marduk was the champion and the winner of the battle. Then Marduk is praised and given fifty names. Marduk then makes man, but that's another story.

by Amanda V.


Tiamat-Mother godess, wife of Apsu mother of Anshar and Kishar. Apsu-Ruler of all the gods.
Mummu-son of Tiamat and Apsu. God of mist.
Anshar-Brother and husband of Kishar.
Kishar-Sister and wife of Anshar.
Anu-Son of Anshar and Kishar. God of the sky.
Nintu-Created the first humans out of clay.
Enlil- God of the air between the earth and the sky
Ishar-Daughter of Anu. Goddess of love and war.
Ea-Son of Anu, husband of Dominka and fother of Marduck.
Damkina-Wife of Ea and mother of Marduck.
Marduck-Wisesest and most accomplished god. He became ruler of all the gods.
Kingu-The army general.

In the beginning there was only water and no mist. The young gods got together and had fun. They were so rowdy that they made Tiamat angry, as they went noisily back and forth. She started to hate their behavior. Apsu talked to them and they ignored him. Apsu said, “I need quiet they're too loud. We need to destroy them.” Tiamat said, “We made them, we can’t destroy them.” Mummu agreed with Apsu. Apsu and Mummu made an evil plan. Ea makes a magic circle to protect the young gods. Ea casts a spell on Apsu and Mummu. He kills Apsu and takes his crown. He becomes king.

Marduck sees every thing and hears every thing. Marduck is the son of the heavens ( the sun has ten rays). Anu creates all the winds, the northern winds, the southern winds, the eastern winds, and the western winds. Tiamat asks Kingu if he’ll help her fight the gods. Tiamat creates invincible monsters. Serpents, Sphinx, Dragons, Lions, Vipers, Cetors, and mad dogs. Then tiamat gives the tablet of Destiny. They make the battle preparations.

Ea is sent to try to fight Tiamat. He comes back ; he is a coward and can’t face the monsters. Then they send Anu; he also comes back and says, ”I’m not strong enough to fight Tiamat.” Then they call Marduck he says, “ tiamat is only a woman.” “Defeat Tiamat and the monsters!” said Anshar. Maduck call the gods make him the new king. Marduck has to make a garment vanish and reaper.

Marduck sends seven winds at Tiamat. Then he gets ready to fight, first he gets a bow and arrow, a plant, and a bag. Then he gets four beasts the Destroyer, Relentless, Trampler, and the Flyer. He has two monsters attached to his invincible chariot, Smilter and Combat. Then he goes and finds Kingu and Tiamat.

Kingu runs away when he sees Marduck. Then Marduck challenges Tiamat. Marduck sends the arrow right through her hart and wins! Marduck impresses the rebellious gods.

Marduck splits Tiamat in half. Half of her becomes the sky and half of her becomes the earth. Her Sylvia was the clouds, Her head got placed just so, that her eyes formed two rivers ( Tigris and Euphrates). Her head is the rolling mountains across the earth. They announced Anu to be the god of the heavens. Enlil to be the god of the air. And Ea the ruler of the Earth. They called the moon sin and the sun Shamash.

Marduck turned Tiamat’s monsters into statues. He talked about Babylon to the gods. Marduck say’s, “I’ll make something to serve the gods.” Kingu led the revolt, his blood was used to make MAN. The gods helped build Babylon and the temple. Marduck was given fifty quality names. Marduck became the Everlasting king.

by Melissa Leighty

In the beginning there was Apsu and Tiamat. Apsu wanted to kill his kids because they were loud and would carry on long into the night. Ea heard this and killed Apsu and took his crown.

After Apsu was killed Tiamat got mad. Kingu came to her and asked if she wanted revenge. Did she ever. So Kingu told her to make monsters.
Her monster consisted of a serpent, a dragon, a sphinx, a lion, and a centaur. Her army was ready.

Ea saw Tiamat and her monsters and ran. He told Anshar and Anshar told Ea to bring Marduk before him. When Marduk herd this Marduk said Tiamat is only a woman!

So Marduk got seven winds, four beasts, and two monsters and defeated Tiamat. He maid her body the earth and sky, two rivers flowed from her eyes.

Marduk talked about building Babylon and making man too serve him, and so it was done. He used Kingu’s body and blood because he led the revolt.

That is how land and man was created.

Tiamat- mother goddess, wife of Apsu , mother of Anshar and Kishar.
Apsu-Ruler of all gods and husband and father as above.
Mummu- A son of Tiamat and Apsu,God of mist.
Anshar- Brother and husband of Catcher.
Kishar- Sister and wife of Anshar.
Anu- Son of Anshar And Kishar, God of the sky.
Nintu- Mother of all gods.
Enlil- God of Air between Earth and the sky.
Ishtar- first daughter of Anu.
Ea- son of Anu husband of Damkin, father of Marduk ruler of all gods after Apsu.
Damkin- Wife of Ea and mother of Marduk.
Marduk- Wisest god. he became ruler of all gods.
Kingu- leads Tiamat’s revolt.
Sin- God of moon and father of Shamash.
Shamash- God of sun.

by Kaila D.

In the beginning Father Apsu personified and ruled the sweet waters and Mother Tiamat ruled the salt water and they came together as one. Mummu their son existed in the mist that covered them. Then Anshar and Kishar were born with the sweet waters of Apsu and the salt waters of Tiamat they emerged from the waters.

Anshar and Kishar became the gods of Anu. Then Anu marries Nintu an Enlil is born. Damkina marries Ea and Marduk is born.

One day Apsu said to Tiamat , “Those gods are making too much racket. I think they should be killed.”

“But Apsu,” said Tiamat, “those are our children!”

“So what,” said Apsu “they are making to much racket”

“Yes,” said Mummu “I think they should be killed too.”

“Okay let’s kill them!” said Apsu.

“No you can’t kill our children!”

“Yes I will.” Said Apsu

Tiamat thought a while. She came up with an idea. Some she made a monster and went to get Apsu and had the monster kill him. Then she got Mummu and tied a rope around his neck and led him around like a dog.

After Tiamat did this, she felt bad. A few days later Tiamat turned evil and was going to destroy everything. So the gods were going to send Ea, but Ea went and came back immediately

“I am a coward!” said Ea

So the gods said lets send Anu to fight Tiamat.

So Anu went to fight Tiamat and came back and said "I’m a coward too! There are to many monsters to defeat.”

Then the gods decided to send Marduk the WISE. Marduk says get me a piousness plant, a chain ball, a giant net, and a lightning bolt.

Then Marduk was on his way to defeat Tiamat. Marduck forgot to make a monster, so he made one. He was on his way to defeat Tiamat.

When Marduk got to Tiamat he challenged her. She said all right.


Marduk pulled out his lightning bolt and threw it at her and hit her heart. Then he sent his monster to go get her and threw the chain at her. Then he threw the net at her monsters.

Tiamat became the mountains and the valley. Then Marduk became the king and the wisest god around.

Enuma Elishe
Rewritten by Susana Kutsev
In the beginning there was only water and

Father Apsu ruled the sweet waters and
Mother Tiamat ruled the salt waters and
they flowed together. And Mummu made
the mist.

There wasn’t any sky or heavens or any
ground on the earth.

The gods Anshar and Kishar were formed
on the salt waters and sweet waters of Apsu
and Tiamat. Then they became the the parents
of Anu. He became the god of the sky,and
also the father of Ea.

Ea was wiser and more understanding than
his dad and grandad. He became god of
the earth and was the best.
The young gods were noisy and in time the
older gods got annoyed so they met at an
assembly Apsu said, ”I can’t sleep and I need
peace and quiet; the only way to shut them
up is to kill them.”

Tiamat said,”I feel the same way but your plan
is evil;why do you want to kill the kids we
created. Their manners are rude but we need
to understand.”

But Mummu liked Apsu’s idea and said,”Don’t
listen to Tiamat;go and kill the gods.”

Pretty soon Ea learns the evil plan and gets
mad. Ea makes a circle and puts the gods into
it. He cast a spell on Apsu and Mummu. He
kills Apsu and becomes king.

Ea had a son named Marduk he had 4 ears
so he could hear everything and 4 eyes so
he could see everything and he was the most
powerful god ever lived. Marduk creates the 4
winds so loud no one can sleep.

Kingu asks Tiamat for help so she helps him kill
the gods, they met at an assembly day and night.
Tiamat makes 11 monsters and fills them up
with poison. Tiamat asks Kingu to be the leader
and Kingu becomes her companion. She places
the tablet of destiny on Kingu’s chest.
Ea has to kill Kingu in the war they created,
but Ea is a coward. So Anshar asks for Marduk.

Marduk thinks he’s so great and wants everyone
to know his supreme future.Everyone yells
Marduk is king of the world after he proved it.

Marduk has so many powerful weapons that
he beat Tiamat in the war.

All the rebellious gods had to go to jail.

Half of Tiamat was the sky the other earth and
her eyes were the rivers.

The gods built Babylon and Marduk makes man
out of Kingu’s blood. The god were free and
Marduk is the everlasting king.

by Derek J.

In the beginning only water and mist hovered above the ground. father Aspu ruled the sweet waters, while mother Tiamat ruled the salt water. Mummu their child is in the mist that covered them. The heavens or the earth was not created yet. Anshar and Kishar were formed within the sweet waters of Aspu, and the salt waters of Tiamat. Anshar and Kishar became the parents of Anu. Anu became the god of the heavens, in his turn, he became the father of Ea. Ea had more knowledge of magic than his father. Ea became the god of the earth.

The younger gods were desterbing Tiamat and the others. So Aspu, Tiamat, and Mummu sat down together to talk about the problem. “I can’t stand this nonsense,” Aspu said. So Aspu, mummu, and Tiamat figured out one way to stop them, and that was to kill them.

When the younger gods found out they cried. But they knew they needed to find a way to avoid their death.

Ea, the wisest, made a magic circle so they could not get hurt. Then Ea cast a spell on Aspu so he went into a deep sleep, and mummu to remain powerless. Then he placed the asleep Aspu in chains and removed his halo and crown, put them on then killed him. Ea, then put a rope through Mummu’s nose.

Ea and Damika became the parents of Marduk. When Ea saw Marduk’s powers he made him a double god. Four eyes popped out to the surface of his face along with four ears on the side. Tiamat missed Aspu very much so she wanted revenge. She sent for the general. When he arrived she told him the plan, “I will create 11 monsters and send them to destroy the other gods.”

When Ea heard this he panicked. He ran and told Anu. We have to fight Tiamat. So Anu went into battle. But when Anu saw the monsters he retreated yelling, “I can’t do it.”

Anshar said, “Marduk you can do it.” Marduk said, “Sure.” Marduk went into battle and creamed the monsters and stomped on Taimats legs and crushed he skull.
After the battle Marduk had a group of people build a Babylon in his honor.


by Jared W.

In the beginning only water and mist existed . Father Apsu ruled the sweet waters and mother Tiamat ruled the salt waters,and both waters flowed together as one. Mummu their son,existed only in the mist that hovered above his parents. There was no land no sky , just water.

Later the gods Ansar and Kishar were created within the sweet waters of Apsu and the salt waters of Tiamat , and they emerged from the waters. Later Anshar and Kishar became the parents of Anu, who became the god of the heavens;Anu became the father of Ea. Ea surpassed his father and grandfather. He was smarter,stronger,and could use magic.

The young gods had fun times and were wild,loud,and rowdy and Tiamat could not stand it. Apsu and Mummu agreed something had to be done. ”The young gods are too loud. I can’t sleep!I shall stop this the only way I can , by destroying them!” said Apsu. ”I agree with Apsu, it’s the only way !” replied Mummu.”These are our children. You can’t kill them. It’s evil!” said Tiamat. “Proceed with your plan and destroy the gods.”said Mummu. “ I will not take part in this plan .” said Tiamat

Word spread to the young gods. Ea made a magic circle to protect the gods. Then he cast a spell on Apsu to fall into a deep sleep and a spell on Mummu to lose his powers. Ea then went to Apsu’s sweet waters and took the crown off Apsu’s head and killed him! Then he tied a rope in Mummu’s nose and Mummu was forced to follow Ea.

Later Ea be came the father of Marduk his newborn son. He had ten halos above his head. “He is the son of the heavens!” said the gods .

Tiamat was outraged. The gods were still loud and what they did to Apsu and Mummu broke her heart. Kingu came up to her and said “ Tiamat you must gods for what they did and I will help you.” “Well, these are my children, but they killed my son and husband. All right I’ll do it.”Replied Tiamat . “We’ll make monsters to stop them. We must get to work,”said Kingu.

The monsters they made were invincible. The monsters were Sphinx, Dragon, Centaur, Mad dog, Lion, Dragonfly, and the Serpent. They were ready for battle.

Ea and Anu went to fight Kingu and Tiamat. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! We’re scared, we need help we need Marduk. So they went to get Marduk. “Marduk , you must help fight Tiamat.” “Tiamat is a women, how could it be hard. Call an assembly .” Said Marduk.

At the assembly Marduk received weapons like lightning and fire in front of him a mace, net, bow and arrow, and a plant to heal him from venom. Then he sends seven winds against Tiamat and created eight beasts Destroyer, Relentless, Trampler, Flier, Smiter, and Combat. Then he went to battle.

He approached Tiamat,” I challenge you to one on one combat “. “Okay,” replied Tiamat. The fight started, Tiamat tried to suck Marduck’s soul out from his body. Marduk then sends his winds into her mouth and is forced open then he shot an arrow into Tiamat and she dies. He rips her in half making the sky and the land. Out of her eyes he makes the two largest rivers in the land.

“Call an assembly.” Called Marduk. At the assembly the made plans for the future then said we must make humans and animals. Kingu since you were on Tiamats side in the fight we we’ll make animals and humans out of your blood. And so they did. The earth was created and all the people worshiped Marduk.

The end

by Courtney H.

In the beginning Apsu married Tiamot. They had three kids of their own. Mummu, Anshar, and Kishar. Soon Anshar and Kishar became proud parents of Anu. Anu and Nintu became proud parents Enil and Ea. Ea and Daminta became parents of Marduck the wisest one.

All the gods joined together in happiness. Havening fun, throwing parties. Just havening the time of their lives.

Apsu didn't like what he saw. He made up this evil plan to kill the unruly gods. Tiamot agreed to the evil plan. She understood her husband’s complaints, but didn’t understand why her husband wanted to get the kids now and not before.

When the kids found out they were scared. Ea ( one of the gods) told not them to fear for he would protect them. Ea made a magic circle to protect the gods. Ea casts a spell on Apsu. Ea kills Apsu. Ea takes the crown that was once Apsu’s.

Well Ea and Damkina live happily in the kingdom together. Damkina becomes pregnant with a boy. A boy is born full grown. The name is Marduck.

Tiamot is angry, because her husband is dead. She creates monsters to get rid of the rebel gods. Ea is afraid of them. Anu is afraid as well. They all say “Who will fight Tiamot.” Then Marduck comes and says he will fight Tiamot.

Marduck fights Tiamot. Marduck fights Tiamot. Marduck wins. Everybody cheers. They will have a party.

The people say Marduck is king. First he must kill Tiamot completely. So Marduck gets his weapons ready.

The fight will begin. Marduck sends seven winds against Tiamot. Marduck challenges Tiamot single handed. Marduck shoots the arrow at Tiamot. Tiamot is dead. Marduck uses Tiamot’s body to make the earth, and sky also her eyes for two rivers. Marduck makes Babylon, “ THE HOUSE OF GODS.”

The End


Long , long ago there were twelve gods. Tiamat is the mother goddess and mother earth. Apsu is husband of Tiamat and ruler of all gods. Mummu, Anshar,and Kishar are sons and daughters of Tiamat and Apsu. Anu is god of the sky. Nintu is a mother goddess like Tiamat. Enilil is god of air between earth and sky. Ishtar is god of love and war. Ea is ruler of gods and sweet waters. Daminkina is mother of Marduk. Marduk is the wisest and most accomplished god.

In the begining of this whole world there was only water and mist. The heavens above, also. There are many gods that rule over many things.

Apsu got really mad one day because his children were making a racket . So he desided to destoy them, but Tiamat did not agree with that. So he had to ignore it.

One day Ea makes an evil plan to kill the unruly gods. Ea makes a magic circle around himself. He makes a spell on Mummu. Ea takes Apsu’s crown and kills Apsu.

Anu creates the winds North, South, East, and West. Kingu is the general. Kingu asks for help. Kingu has a tablet of destiny on his chest.

So Tiamat creates eleven monster serpents. Tiamat wants to fight. They are almost ready for a fight.

Ea was too much of a coward to go and fight. Anu was too afraid to go. “Call Mardu,” said Kingu. “Tiamat is only a woman, what could she do?” asked Marduk.

So Marduk called an assembly of the gods. The Supreme destiny god is King of the Universe: Marduk! Marduk is also a magician; he made a garment disappear and reappear.

Marduk makes seven kinds of winds. Also seven different beasts. Their names are Destroyer, Relentless, Trampler, Flier, Smiter, and Combat. He also had armor, mace, bow and arrow, trap and more!

Marduk kills Tiamat with his trap and his bow and arrow. Rebellious gods are imprisoned. Half of Tiamat is the sky and half is the earth. Her eyes are two rivers.

Anu rules the heaven. Ea rules the earth. Enlil rules the air. Marduk announces that there whould be a temple that would be called Babylon, that is the “house of the gods.”

“Make man slave, to serve gods, out of Kingu’s blood,” said Marduk. The gods help build the temple with the humans. Marduk is praised with fifty names and all the qualities.

Marduk is the Everlasting King!

The End