Mulan, the story of ancient China

Student Reviews of Mulan, an educational Disney video of Ancient China

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1. Lauren P.
2. Alex J.
3. Vassa I.
4. Alyssa A.
5. Laura K.
6. Ashlee P.
7. Samantha H.
8. Amanda
9. Anna V.

A Review of Mulan, the Educational Video of Ancient China, by Lauren P.

A soldier is walking along the Great Wall of China when the Huns attack. He lights the signal fire. The Emperor orders his troops to protect his people.

Mulan is taking notes to help her remember things at the Matchmakerís. When she hears the rooster crow, she gets up quickly and goes looking for little brother, her dog.

She ties a bag of chicken seed to little brother, and then Mulan gives a cup of tea to her father and heads off for town.

Mulanís mother and some other woman help her to get ready to see the Matchmaker. Her Grandmother gives her a cricket for luck.

The Matchmaker deems her too skinny. She tells Mulan to pour the tea. Not knowing that the cricket is in the tea, the Matchmaker nearly drinks it, but Mulan stops her. After several more accidents, the Matchmaker has had enough. She calls Mulan a disgrace to her family.

Mulan goes home, heartbroken. Sitting under the cherry blossom tree, her father tells her that she will bring her family honor someday.

The drums pound and the emperorís adviser calls for one man from each family to serve in the imperial army. Mulan tries to stop her father, but he is the only one who can serve in the army from their family.

At dinner Mulan tells her father that he shouldnít have to go. Leaving the table, Mulan watches her parents go to bed from outside. Then she knows what she must do. She cuts her hair and takes her fatherís armor.

When Mulanís family realizes that she is gone, Mulanís Grandmother prays to the ancestors for help.

Musha, a demoted guardian, is called upon by the ancestors to awaken the great stone dragon. But after Mushu accidentally breaks it, he decides to go get Mulan himself.

Practicing being a boy, Mulan discovers Mushu. He tries to teach Mulan how to be a man. Mulan punches a guy which leads to disaster.

Captain Shangís first instruction to his troops is to pick up every grain of rice. Ping, who is actually Mulan, wakes up to find that the troops have already left.

Yow is chosen to climb a pole with an arrow, but he cannot reach it. As training continues, Mulan canít do anything right. One night Shang tells Mulan that sheís unsuited for war. But she proves herself by climbing the pole.

As Mulan takes a bath in the pond, Ling, Yow, and Chin Po join her in a swim. Luckily, Mushu comes to the rescue by biting Ling in the butt.

Finally the troops get to leave as they all go to the area of the fight.

As they reach the village Mulan and the others find it in ruins. And worst yet, the entire first army was killed.

The troops move on and as they do, a cannon fires and the Huns attack. All the cannons are shot except one. Seeing an opportunity to kill all the Huns, Mulan shoots the last cannon at the snowy peak of a mountain.

The Huns are dead, but Mulan has started an avalanche. Another near death experience involving falling off a cliff gains Shangís trust.

But Mulan was wounded and the doctor discovers her secret. Shang spares Mulanís life because she saved his. The troops leave and Mulan is left alone.

A few Huns survived the avalanche and headed toward the imperial city. When Mulan arrives in the city, a parade is going on. She tells her friends to keep their eyes open.

The ďdragonĒ bursts open and several Huns emerge, taking the emperor. They run into the palace.

The soldiers tried to bust open the door with a statue. Mulan called to Yow, Ling and Chin Po. She dressed them up as women and just as they were getting ready to go in, Shang decided to join them.

Sneaking inside the palace, Mulan, Yow, Ling, and Chin Po took care of the guards while Shang went to save the emperor.

While Chin Po, Yow, and Ling escape with the emperor, Shang and Mulan are left to get rid of Shan Yu. Mulan barely gets away and onto the roof. Mushu steals a giant firework and sends Shan Yu to his exploding death.

The emperor tells Mulan that she has saved all of China. He gives her a pendant and Shan Yu's sword to take to her family.

When Mulan gets home she gives her father the gifts. Shang comes for dinner, and Mushu is re-promoted to guardian again.

Mulan, a review by Alex J.

This is about Chinese things in the video Mulan. There is a Great Wall to protect. A dragon sign for a flag. Chinese writing to write. To get the gods they have a Chinese gazebo. They use chopsticks.

In wars they have spears, swords, and shields with dragons. They wear armor, also. In training camp they have tents. Other weapons are arrows with fire and bombs.

They use gongs for waking up. All of them make their hair into buns.

For food they use pots and pans. Almost everybody drinks tea.

To write they used a feather. The protector of the families are the stone animals.

They all use horses. They have sticks for fighting. There is gold. A lot of kids have Chinese dolls.

The captain wears a helmet. They use cannons. The horses pull chariots. The dragon is the symbol of China.

Mulan report, by Vassa I.

In Mulan the Chinese things were: The Great Wall of China, the clothes that they wear, the chariots, the horses; hair styles, the fans, tea sets; the houses, gates, gardens; praying to their ancestors, Chinese writing; the drums, the flags, their religion; the tables with no chairs, the dragon statues; their armor, chop-sticks, the sticks that they use to carry buckets of water; the imperial palace.

Those are the Chinese things I saw. But the movie goes like this:

First of all there is a girl named Mulan; she lives in China. Her father has to go to war, except that Mulan interferes. So then Mulan goes to war disguised as a boy because only boys go to war because thatís the law. Anyway, she goes, but the army doesnít know that she is a girl until she saves the general. She gets caught by the enemy; she tries to explain, but the General says to go to war without.

Mulan goes by herself to the palace because the king is in trouble. She tries to tell the army, but they donít believe her. So she does it herself and saves the king and her people. In the end they all celebrate.

Mulan report, by Alyssa A.

This is what I saw in the movie Mulan: I saw the Great Wall of China, and the emperor. I saw ehre they pray to the ancestors. Mulan prays to her ancestors. She cuts her hair and she takes her fatherís place.

Then the grandma says a prayer and it makes the ancestors come alive, and they talk about Mulan. They send the great stone dragon, but Moshu broke the great stone dragon. So he went and took the place of the great stone dragon.

The other army, the mean one, they found Mulanís little doll and they are going to give it back. They went to war and then they found the dadís hideout. It was all burnt out. They found out that the general is dead. Heís dead because he got attacked by the Huns. The Huns attacked them because the captain of the Huns found Mulanís doll. Now the captain of the good team found the Huns and now the Huns attacked them.

Then Mulan took the last cannon and shot it into the mountain and it made the snow avalance which buried the Huns. Mulan got caught by the Huns.

The doctor came and he told the captain that Mulan is a girl. She got kicked out of the army. They left her there.

Then the army went back to China, but Mulan saw the Huns pop out of the snow. They went to China to kill the other army. Mulan went back and tried to tell the captain that the Huns are alive and theyíre coming here to kill the Emperor.

They wouldnít listen to her; no one else would listen to her or believe her because sheís a girl.

Then the Huns came out of the ďdragonĒ and grabbed the Emperor. (to be continued)

Mulan Ė Educational Video (Chinese things)
Report by Laura K.

I saw the Great Wall of China. The Chinese are under attack and they light the fires. A person is in a temple and he is praying. They go into town and there are horses pulling carts. They get Mulan dressed up to go find the matchmaker. She has to pass a test.

The test is to recite something and she has to pour tea. The matchmaker says you will never bring your family honor.

There is a garden at her house with statues in it.

Some men come and they choose people to fight and they have to go.

The people there sit at low tables and they drink tea, and they use chopsticks.

Then Mulan goes to the ancestor house and Mulan lights a stick and puts it in a dragon bowl.

They pray to the ancestors. Different things like ancestor things and dragons. There are bigger dragon statues outside.

Where the war is there are fires. The men in the war wear their hair in a bun. The men wear armor. There are tents with flags on the top. Men also have swords. When they are reported, they have to hand in a scroll. They have to train before they go into battle.

They have to get a good report in training before they can go fight. When they go into battle they carry the Chinese flag.

When they fight they use dragon shaped cannons. They use lots of horses, too.

Women are not supposed to go to war, but Mulan did.

They won the war and they celebrate. They have the dragon. (to be continued)

Chinese Things I saw in Mulan
Report by Ashlee P.

I saw the Great Wall of China and that they lit fires to let the villages know that they are under attack.

They have a king (emperor). They always eat rice.
I saw where they pray to their ancestors.
I saw that they wrote using Chinese characters.
They ride horses.
They donít have running water like we do.
They have people get the girls ready to see the Matchmaker.
They drink tea a lot.
I saw their buildings, fans, clothes, and statues.
I also saw all the ancestorís graves and the mini-statues they have so the ancestors will come alive.
The King has a messenger. The Huns attack China. They have to be in the army if they call them; they canít just refuse to fight.
I saw that they sit down when they eat, and they eat in silence. They sit on their knees when they eat.
They light a fire when they pray to their ancestors. They have to make sacrifices. On the ancestorís grave there is Chinese writing.
The dragons represent the Chinese people. They believe dragons will protect them. Their fire balls have dragons on them.
They ring gongs when they need something important.
They chant.
They used the word Shang from the Shang Dynasty.
They have rice a lot (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Notes on MULAN, an educational video
by Samantha H.

In the beginning, the name MULAN is spelled with a dragon beneath. The movie starts as an invasion. The Huns are invading. They set fires on the great walls. Mulan begins to write on her arm. Writing in Chinese. Her father prays to ancestors. Wants Mulan to impress someone. Lights incense.

Transfer to town. Mulan is there to meet a matchmaker. Sees men play Chinese checkers. Dresses in her best clothes after cold bath. Lots of white powder was put on, followed by make-up. Gets called by match maker. Too skinny! Says poem wrong! Impolite! Ladyís butt is on fire! ďYouíll NEVER bring honor to your family!Ē she yells. They go home.

Mulan is sad. Looks at graves with writing. Her father came. She turns ashamed. Drums beat closer and closer. ďThe Huns have invaded. One man from each family must go!Ē Her father has leg pains. Father practices with his sword. He fell during practice.

At dinner Mulan stands up to father. Her dad yells at her. She goest outside in the rain, and cries. Prays to ancestors. Takes fatherís sword and clothes. Takes certificate and she left her clip. Her parents pray to ancestors for them to watch and protect Mulan. Mushu, dragon, wakes ancestors. They argue. Mushu wants to go. He has to wake stone dragon. Stoney breaks. Mushu sneaks off into his place.

Transfer to valley. Enemy has 2 warriors captive.

Transfer to forest. Mulan is practicing. Mushu shows up. They go see some men. Get in fight. Mulan wins. They beat each other up.

Troops go outside. See everyone fighting. Think itís stupid. Leader comes. Asks for Mulanís name. ďPing!Ē she says.

Next morning
They go in training. They stink at first. Soon they pass every test.

The enemy are discussing some things.

Mulan began to swim. Soon, three naked men began to swim. Mushu bit their butts. They head for battle.

(to be continued)

MULAN REVIEW, by Amanda V.

A bird knocks a Chinese manís hat off. The Huns come onto the Great Wall of China. Shang leads the Huns. The Chinese man tells the emperor.

Mulanís father prays for Mulan to impress the matchmaker. So she can uphold the family honor.

Mulan is late for the matchmaker. Mulanís grandmother walks across the road with her eyes closed, to see if the cricket-in-the-cage was lucky. Women clean Mulan and dress her in a Chinese dress. They put on a lot of make up and make her face white. Her grandmother gives her a cricket, jade beads, and an apple for luck. Other people are waiting to see the matchmaker, also.

The matchmaker doesnít like Mulan from the beginning. The cricket gets Mulan into a lot of trouble. She said, ďYou will never bring your family honor.Ē

Mulan is sad because she canít be herself. If she does her family wonít like her. Her father tells her that the last blossom will be the prettiest.

One man from every family must serve for the war. Mulan doesnít want her father to serve. He has already fought in a war and is old. Her father hurt his knee, and he knows he canít fight. Mulan is afraid her father will die.

Mulan goes to the temple and prays. She takes her fatherís place. She cuts her hair and takes her fatherís armor. She takes her horse and leaves.

Her family realizes she is gone. They canít go after her because when the messenger finds out they will kill her. Mulanís grandmother prays to the ancestors. The ancestors tell Mushu to wake up the ancestors. They decide to send the most powerful ancestor. Mushu has to awaken the Great Stone Dragon. The dragon falls apart. Mushu and the cricket go to help Mulan instead. If he makes Mulan a hero, he gets back into the temple.

Mushu teaches Mulan how to act like a man. But instead they make a huge mess. Shang is going to train the new recruits. They all blame the mess on Mulan. She says her name is Ping. The first day of training, Shang shoots an arrow up at the top of a pole. They have to retrieve it with 2 weights tied to their hands. Mulan canít do any of the training things right. Shang tells Mulan that she should leave. She doesnít want to leave, so she works harder. She is the first to retrieve the arrow.

The Huns go through the pass to get to the emperor. The messenger doesnít think Shang is a good captain. Mulan likes him. Mushu and the cricket type an urgent message.

They were ready to fight. They come to a village. The Huns killed Shangís fatherís troops, and his father. Shang says the quickest way is to go through the pass.

Mushu sets off a rocket. It gives away their position. The Huns fight them. Mulan takes the last rocket. She shoots it at a cliff. It starts an avalanche and all the Huns get buried. Shang stabs Mulan with his sword. Mulan rescues Shang. They go off the side of the mountain. Her friends save them. Shang says he owes her his life.

They take Mulan to the doctorís tent. They find out she is a woman. Shang didnít kill her because he owed her his life. Shang takes every one else and leaves her. Mulan is sad.

Mulan sees Shang and the Huns get out of the snow. She rushes down to the city. No one will listen to her now because she is a girl. While Shangu was presenting Shanguís sword, a bird grabbed it and gave it to Shangu on top of a cliff. The Huns were invading the city.

The Chinese are trying to break the wall down because the Huns captured the emperor. Mulan has an idea. They dress as women and climb up the poles. Once they get in, they trick the Huns and get in. Shangu (Shang Yu) knocks Shang out.

Shang Yu remembers Mulan from the mountain. They fight on the roof. Mushu lights a rocket. It knocks Shang Yu off the roof and kills him.

The emperor tells Mulan she has saved China. Everyone bows to her. The emperor says she can have a job. She decides to go home. Shang follows her. The guardians let him be a guardian again.

Mulan and Shang are welcomed into the home, and they probably live happily ever after.

Review of MULAN, an Educational Video
by Anna V.

Long, long ago in ancient China, there was a guard patrolling the Great Wall of China. All of a sudden, the Huns managed to climb the wall! The guard sent a signal, and Shan Yu burned their flag. People warned the Emperor. The Emperor wanted to send a large army to defend China.

Meanwhile, a girl named Mulan is getting ready to meet the match-maker. Her father prayed to their ancestors that Mulan would do very good.

The grandmother tests a cricket for good luck, and gives it to Mulan when she is getting prepared for the matchmaker. Crick-ee, the cricket, got loose and caused chaos at the match-makerís. Mulan did not pass.

Mulan felt very sad when she got home. Her father told her it was okay, and she would eventually do fine.

A man beat a drum as a signal that somebody was coming to their village. It was the messenger of the emperor. He said that one man from every family must go to war. Mulanís father must go, even though his leg is badly hurt.

Mulan did not want him to go, so she snuck out in her fatherís armor with her horse.

The Ancestors awakened. They wanted to send the great dragon to help her. Mushu, the wimpy small dragon, wrecked the dragon statue, so he went himself. Crick-ee tagged along with him.

The Hun army rode into China. A couple of men found them. Both of them try to escape. Shan Yu killed one of them.

Mulan was trying to be like a man. Mushu finally convinced her that he was a good dragon sent by the ancestors.

Mulan caused trouble by trying to be a man.

A leader of a different Chinese army taught Captain Li Shang, his son, how to be a good leader.

Shang came out and asked Mulan about her name. Mushu helped her. Mulan was a big disgrace trying to be like a man.

She was not good at anything. Shang shot an arrow to the top of a very tall pole. Nobody could reach it. Shang wanted to kick Mulan, whose made up name was Ping, out of the army. Mulan proved that she could stay because she reached the arrow at the top of the pole. Then she got good at everything.

Shan Yu found out about a village in a mountain pass. He directed his army to that village.

Mulan was skinny dipping in a pond. The other men almost found out that she was a girl.

Mushu pretended to be a man and delivered the general a message about the Huns and that they should go to the mountains.

The army set off toward the mountains. Ling started singing and everybody joined in. They stopped when they found a burnt village in the Tung-Shao Pass.

The Huns had destroyed the town and the army that was there. Shangís father was killed.

Mushu lit a cannon that told the Huns where the army was. The Huns started shooting arrows.

A huge group of Huns started running down the mountain. Mulan stole the last cannon and started an avalanche that covered the Huns. Shan Yu hurt Mulan. Mulan saved Shangís life.

The doctor found out that Mulan was a girl. Shang was going to kill Mulan, but he spared her life. They then left without Mulan.

Some of the Huns rose out of the snow. Mulan went to a ceremony to warn Shang and the Emperor. Nobody would listen to her, though.

The falcon snatched Shan Yuís sword from the Emperor. Several Huns grabbed the Emperor and ran away into the palace.

Mulan had a plan: Chin-Po, Ling and Yao dressed up as concubines and snuck into the palace. Just in time, Shang attacked Shan Yu.

Mulan led Shan Yu to the roof and Mushu lit a fire work. The fireworks took Shan Yu into a temple and blew him up.

The Emperor gave Mulan Shan Yuís sword and his crest to honor her family.

Her father was very glad to have Mulan back. He said that she was a bigger honor than the gifts from the Emperor.

Mushu got to be a guardian again. Shang came to return Mulanís helmet. That was a very happy day!

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