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Freedom For An Old Believer by Paul J. Wigowsky
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Original Copyright 1982
Dedicated to the Old Believers

All rights reserved. This book, or parts thereof, must not be reproduced in any form without

All names, characters, and events in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real
persons which may seem to exist is purely coincidental

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Freedom for an Old Believer by Paul John Wigowsky


The Complete AZBUKA, Church Slavonic Primer

Russian Old Believers - photo project by Mikhail Evstafiev
Permission granted (by Mikhail) to use the video on this web site:

Russian-speaking Communities in Oregon

Professor Tatiana Osipovich (Lewis & Cark) has produced a most fantastic web page about stories from people involved in the Russian-Speaking Communities in Oregon. I was glad to be of help to Tatiana in introducing her to the Russian Old Believer community in Woodburn, and also introducing one of her students (Martin) to Pastor Ben Shevchenko of the Russian Church in Hubbard. GREAT JOB!!
Tatiana: "Thanks to my students Martin Dorciak, Maria Egorenko, Elise Loughran, Anna McClain, and Katherine Palomares, a new most interesting page has been added to my site 'Russian-speaking communities in Oregon!' This page is devoted to nine personal stories of immigration. Thanks to all participants of this wonderful summer project!"

Russian Old Believer Museum at Mt. Angel, Oregon

Gospel of John in Russian Church Slavonic
and Old Russian (pre-1917)

Manual For Educators of
Russian Old Believer Children
in Oregon, 1976

Collection of Old Believer History and Tradition,
compiled by Paul J. Wigowsky

Old Believers In Southern Sakhalin Under Japanese Rule
by Yoshikazu Nakamura

Tribute to Memory of Richard Morris

Richard Morris Funeral, July 31, 2015
Richard Morris book


My Crucible of Suffering by Vasil Zavgorodniy, translated from Russian by Paul John Wigowsky

[Note: Also published under the new title - The Treasure of Strength in Adversity by Vasil Zavgorodniy]