In Honor of My Parents

My father, Ivan Narkizovich Wigowsky, and my mother, Olga (Korff) Wigowsky
Иван Наркизович Виговский и Ольга Виговская

Ivan: April 22, 1914 - December 27, 2013
Olga: February 22, 1911 - May 23, 2004

My father, Ivan Narkizovich Wigowsky
Evangelist of the Gospel of the Kingdom


1. The Kingdom of God / of Heaven
2. On the Birth from Above
3. On the Second Coming of Christ
4. On the Resurrection, First and Last
GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM - Both Versions in One

Funeral and Burial of Ivan N. Wigowsky

Obituary, Life of Ivan N. Wigowsky

Videos of Ivan N. Wigowsky

Special Song for my Dad -- after his transition into the "Great Beyond" (aka "heavenly world")
Pilgrim Song

Ivan's Birth Certificate (from Germany)

Ivan's Certificate of Naturalization (US citizen)

My mother, Olga (Korff) Wigowsky

"She Saw New Jerusalem"
Journal of Dream-Visions

In Memory of Olga Wigowsky

[Note: Death Certificates of Olga and Ivan Wigowsky are at the bottom of the page]

Autobiography of Olga Wigowsky

My Baba's Funeral, by Susie Wigowsky

My Mother's favorite song: "Where are you going, my little one?"

English/Russian Versions of My Mother's Song

You Tube - Video of My Mother's Song

My Mother's favorite poem (read by her at Easter) - "Resurrection"

Wigowsky Family Photo Album

Adolf - Photo Album

Stanley - Photo Album & Memorial

Olga(Korff)Wigowsky's Collection of Photos

Olga Wigowsky's relatives in Germany - the Roda Family

Trip to Germany, 1992

Olga's Letters - Archives
Paul's Letters from Relatives - Archives (1989-1990)

USS General C.H. Muir
(the ship that brought us from
Germany to America)

US Passenger List
(arriving from Bremerhaven, Germany in New York
on April 26, 1952)

American Immigrant Wall of Honor,
at Ellis Island, NY

Wigowsky Geneology Page (includes relatives from my Dad's side, mostly in the Ukraine)

Special Russian Song for Funerals -- Мы у Берега Земного
Мы у Берега Земного / On the Earthly Shore

Find a Grave and Add Burial Records
Olga (Korff) Wigowsky - Memorial Page at Belle Passi Cemetery

Ivan N. Wigowsky - Memorial Page at Belle Passi Cemetery
Stanley, son of Ivan & Olga Wigowsky; April 19, 1941 - March 25, 2021