Kowal Family

Family Reunion 2016a

Family Reunion 2016b

Elsa & Natalie - Ukrainian Cooking
Borshch & Vareniki

Paraguay Picture Journal - Story of Nick Monge
(grandson of Onisim Kowal) in Paraguay

Wedding of Nick J. Monge & Susan Zygarewicz

Pastor Onisim Kowal in Paraguay, South America (baptism)

Onisim Kowal in Paraguay, South America (baptism lunch)

Paraguayan Group
Kowal, Shevchenko, Ilyin, Dumanovsky

[Note: Click on Baptism picture to read Victor Kozaczuk's description.]

Onisim and Eva Kowal

Celebration of Dina Castaneda's Life
Feb. 26, 1939 - Dec. 17, 2013

Remembering Rosie Kowal,
Aug.1,1953 - Sept.1,2018

Rosie photos & videos

Sept. 30, 1933 - June 27, 2017

In Memory of Alexander Kachan
(Onisim nephew)
September 13, 1939 - January 27, 2014

Pastor Alexander Kachan visits from Ukraine

In Memory of Natalie Kowal
Dec. 20, 1945 - Sept. 16, 2022

Carlos - tribute to his Mother
Natalie's Mister Fenton (a short story)

Kowal Sisters party at Monica's House

Moving party from CA to OR

California Funeral Eve 1993, filmed by Alex Kotsyuba

Complete Funeral Service, password "david"

Transit Visas from Paraguay through Brazil on the way to USA, May 22, 1962.

Onisim Kowal - obituary

Onisim and Eva Kowal at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Colma, California (MAP)

Find a Grave and Add Burial Records--Eukodia Kotsuba Kowal
Find a Grave and Add Burial Records--Rev Onisim Kowal