Today is Veterans Day! Saturday, November 11, 2006
I sent a card and wrote a comment to my dear brother-in-law and fellow-veteran, Steve Belmudez.
I would like to share it here:
Let us hope people will realize that we Veterans are lucky to be still alive -- that is the significance of Veterans Day! Others, who died for our country, will be remembered for their sacrifice on Memorial Day. That is what I always told the students in my class.

A Lucky Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) who survived and lived to tell about it!

P.S. May we learn how to turn "swords into plowshares" -- May Peace Reign Supreme!

Following is my tribute to all veterans (including me) -- the pictures are of the Vietnam Memorial that I visited at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California.

1. I'm standing on the map of Vietnam that is embedded into the concrete at the entrance to the Vietnam Memorial, which is located at the eastern end of the Capitol Mall.

2. The bronze soldier reflects on his tour of duty in Vietnam.

3. I served as a medical corpsman (medic) because of my status as a "conscientious objector" (as a Christian, I believe you can serve your country without bearing arms, i.e. killing)

4. Those soldiers who took up arms and served on the front lines were usually referred to as "grunts."

5. Those soldiers who were caught in battle and were forced to become POWs (Prisoner of War) are honored in this section of the memorial.

6. Other aspects of the Armed Services.

7. Here I sit at the plaque that explains the monument:

The people of the State of California
dedicate this monument to the memory
of those Californians who died, or remain
missing, in the
Vietnam War
and in doing so, Honor all the men
and women who served during that war.

8. Saddest moment for me was finding the name of a childhood friend who perished in the war: SSgt.(Staff Sergeant) Fedoroff, Alexander, 23, USA