The following statues were photographed at the Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery in 2007:

The 12 Apostles with the three-tiered FOUNTAIN of LIVING WATER at the Center
In clockwise fashion: Simon the Zealot, Thaddeus (Jude), Paul, Peter, Andrew, James (Major), John, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James (Minor)

Peter (with symbolic keys "to the kingdom"), Andrew (with the traverse or X-Cross), James Major (with a Pilgrim's staff)

John (with symbolic chalice), Philip (with symbolic staff with Tau cross on top), Thomas (with symbolic builder's rule or square)

Bartholomew (with symbolic large knife), Matthew (with symbolic scroll and purse), James Minor (with symbolic club)

Simon the Zealot (with symbolic saw), Thaddeus (with symbolic lance or halberd), Paul with symbolic "sword of the spirit")

Author Paul J. Wigowsky with St. Paul (aka Apollos, Apollonius of Tyana)
See author's book on the subject of St. Paul
God in Three Persons: A Spiritual Odyssey

Comparison of Four Evangelists ("Gospels") and Four living creatures ("Fixed Cross of Heavens")

The Apostles of Jesus of Galilee, and their symbols
Peter: Keys or Fish
Andrew: Traverse or X-Cross
James: Pilgrim's Staff
John: Eagle, Book, or Cup with Departing Serpent
Philip: Staff with Cross on top
Nathanael-Bartholomew: Large Knife
James the Just (or Less): Club or Bat
Jude or Thaddeus: Lance or Halberd
Matthew (Levi): Purse, Book, or Pen, or Winged Man
Thomas: Builder's Rule or Square
Simon Zelotes: Large Saw or Cross
Judas Iscariot: (No conventional symbol)
(Matthias, his later replacement: A Lance)