In Search of Elvis: A Pilgrimage

In the summer of 1978 I made a Pilgrimage to Graceland with my wife and son.
I made the pilgrimage to celebrate Elvis' first memorial anniversary.
Now I commemorate his 46th memorial anniversary in 2023.

The following pictures reflect some of the images that I saw and photographed:
Pilgrimage to Graceland, 1978 (Photo Album)

In Search of Elvis (outline)

In Search of Elvis:
A Pilgrimage,
Ch. 1 (August 16, 1977)

Chap. 2 (Books are Doors),
Ch.3 (Poems),
Ch.4 (News, TV)

Chapter 5 (A Dream)

Chapter 6 (Gospel of Elvis)

Ch.7 (Pilgrimage to Graceland),
Ch.8 (Las Vegas),
Ch.9 (Ft. Hood)

Ch. 10 (Elvis Memorial Tour),
Ch. 11 (Graceland)

Ch. 12 (Circle G Ranch),
Ch. 13 (Tupelo, MS)

Ch.14 (Great Smoky Mountains),
Ch. 15 (Nashville, TN)

Ch.16 (Memphis Room),
Ch.17 (1st Memorial Anniv.)

Ch.18 (Reflections),
Ch.19 (Homeward Bound)

Ch.20 (Numerology),
Ch.21 (ElvisMemories)

Ch.22 (Reincarnation),
Appendix, Bibliography

Elvis Presley

“I was born about ten thousand years ago”
{Elvis Presley 6/4/70 "very rare photos Elvis and friends"}

Elvis: The King Returns, Part 1

Elvis: The King Returns, Part 2

The Truth About Elvis, by Jess Stearn with Larry Geller